Monday, June 30, 2014


June 30, 2014

Dear Family,

First I will answer your questions: My favorite meal so far is either asado or churri pan. My health is up and down. Sometimes I feel really healthy and other times no. I threw up a couple days ago hehehe! But I think my health is improving. I am starting to learn how to eat healthier even though it is a bit more expensive. I made that granola the other day and it was delicious! Thanks for the recipe! Being a zone leader is really a good experience. Sometimes there are some stressful things that we have to deal with but it always is worth the effort. My favorite part is the interaction we have with other missionaries. It is a testimony builder to work with so many guys that have such great testimonies. Sometimes we do lose a little bit of work time but for the most part it is alright.

It is so good to hear about everything that is happening! I got an email from Ali and a lot of pictures of the kids. I love seeing those funny little kids. I am glad that you were able to help with the young women’s camp too.

I love giving talks! Yesterday I gave a talk in the sacrament meeting and it went pretty well. I always learn so much and I always feel the spirit really strong. I talked about eternal progression. I used the talk “4 minutes”, and a talk from a 70 Elder Teh.  Basically we don't have very much time in this life to prove our worthiness so we need to choose wisely what to do in this life. It is amazing how big of a difference it is to choose to watch TV or choose to read the scriptures. It obviously starts with our desires. If our "treasure" is worldly possessions then things won't work out to well for us. Our treasure needs to be found in eternal principals such as the family, and the gospel. Sorry if that quick summary was all over the place. haha!

It is crazy how fast time flies. An hour in cyber goes by in an instant.... a year in the mission goes by in an instant! haha! I don't want to leave my area but changes are in like 3 weeks and I am pretty sure I am leaving! 

I love you guys!

Elder Lacey

PS Send a Big Bear Hug to Cort! That is so awesome!

Dear Dad,

It is interesting what you wrote me about Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk because I gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday and I talked about basically the same things. I love the topic of loving God more than anything else and giving all that you have to him. In the mission it is so easy to see the difference between things that get in the way of our spiritual progression versus things that help us reach the ultimate goal....ETERNAL LIFE BABY haha! Some people do not realize that is more important to keep the sabbath day holy than to make more money for your kids. Or it is more important to read your scriptures every day than to get 10 extra minutes of sleep. It is amazing how clear everything is in the mission.

It was sad to hear that Uruguay lost but at least we got the Cougs upcoming football season to bring up our cheers ( I hope)


Elder Lacey

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