Thursday, October 30, 2014

Roses are Red......

October 30, 2014

Dear Family,

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
There is no point in hiding
Cause the missionaries are comin’ for YOU!

We don't mess around. We are a highly trained, fully armed (with the spirit) group of 88,000 missionaries that will come and drag you to eternal life. It does not matter where you live, who you are, or what you do. We will find you and we will baptize you and your entire family. The whole world just needs to give up. They can't win! 

Anyway, that’s how I feel. haha! The mission is the best. This week was another week full of miracles. We have some really awesome investigators that surprise us every week. This 11 year old named Lucas came to us the other week and started asking us questions. He is amazing! There are questions in the back of the pamphlets that we hand out and no one ever does them but he did them all. It is interesting because his dad is super Catholic so Lucas has a lot of little Catholic things that he has picked up. For example every time he prays he starts off with "Father, forgive us of our sins" which is actually really cool to hear from an 11 year old. The good thing is that his parents are totally fine with him having the lessons and such. Before long we will sneak the message into their house and baptize the whole family. You can't stop it from happening! haha

Elder Leavitt is super awesome. He is always looking for ways to work better and harder and we get along really well. He also likes making movies so who knows. Maybe Dad is right, maybe I might just have to go into film making.

As far as my trunky call goes, they didn't tell me my return date (thankfully) but I told them that I would be flying into the Salt Lake airport and I gave them your emails. I also told them that you would be picking me up so I hope that is the case.

What kind of shoes did you send me? Some Echoes??? Thank you!!!! My shoes are pretty gasted. (So Daniel totally made a  “Spanglish” word meaning totally used up or spent) We might have to get them bronzed or whatever you call it when I get home like that one talk.jk

I am glad that Luke is doing well. I still remember how powerful that blessing was that the Stake President gave me.

You are so lucky! You get to go to the temple every week! I am jealous. keep it up!

As far as BYU football goes who even cares about football? I only care about Rugby (or whatever sport that we are doing well in) No one even watches football anyway. But GO GIANTS!

I am having a blast! Send my love to everyone. This is the true church and this is the work of the Lord. Let’s go Share this message with someone today!


Elder Lacey

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Let us go work in his vineyard

Elder Lacey with new companion Elder Leavitt

October 20, 2014

Dear Family,

So you guys are turning Jewish on me? Jk It sounds like a really good experience! I am glad that Luke isn't afraid to participate. That is a really important part of learning. (a note of explanation from Diana: I have a world religion class at BYU and so I visited a Jewish Shabbat  (their sabbath service). I took Luke and Mike with me. Luke raised his hand several times when the Rabbi asked questions. It was pretty interesting and Luke gave some great comments)

Also, I think I have been to that Lake where you went horseback riding. Mom, you are the best. You are the only mom that I know that has gone skydiving, horseback riding and has taken perfect care of all of her children. I love you!

I love General Conference too! Too bad it takes a little while for us to be able to read the talks. But I think that we will get them pretty soon. Thanks for the things that you share with me. It always lifts me up and gets me ready for the week.

So, sad day. Today I got my "trunky call" but I actually got it through the email. It is when the secretaries ask you what airport you are flying into and who will pick you up and stuff like that. Ain't nobody got time to respond to those types of questions! I got to baptize! I don't care where I am flying into haha Anyways, normally people get it when they are 6 months away but they sent it a little bit early so it surprised me.

The work is going well. we have found some really solid people but we have lost a couple on the way. Clause dropped us a week before her baptismal date. Everything was going well but then her daughter said that if she got baptized she wouldn't talk to her anymore or something like that so she doesn't want anything to do with the church. It is super sad but maybe she will come around someday. We should have a couple baptisms coming up soon because we have some really amazing investigators.

As far as Uruguayan life goes, I am living it up. I saw 6 people on 1 motorcycle the other day. I thought it was hard to fit 6 people in my truck. Also thanks to the bidet (buday, I don't know how you spell it) I haven't had to buy toilet paper in 8 months. Life is good.

I have been kind of sick for the past 2 weeks but I feel like I am getting over it. You know what that means. This is the week! Today is the day! Now is the Time! We are going to get to work. I love this gospel and I am glad for the chance that I have to help others receive this message. Thank you for your support and all of your prayers. Christ Lives and he directs this church! Now let us go work in his vineyard.


Elder Lacey

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Raining Miracles

October 13, 2014

Dear Family,

Never have I seen so much intelligence shown in my life. Magnificent, Marvelous, Wonderful. Those were the words that popped into my head when I opened up my package and saw Taco Bell sauce and Beef Jerky and gum and ties and pens. I am going to make burritos today and put some of that Taco Bell sauce on it. Thank you so much! You are the best.

Another day another baptism. Thats my new slogan that I made for this week. Even though we didn't have a baptism it helps us keep working towards it. haha! But things are going well down here. Nothing out of the normal has happened. It has been raining quite a bit though. It is funny because Elder Leavitt and I did an Intercambio together when I was in San Carlos about a year ago and it was raining. We have now been together for 5 days now and it has rained everyday that we have been together..........Raining MIRACLES that is!!! We are doin work! But seriously, it has rained everyday we have been together haha

That is scary what happened to Abuelo Larsen. But I can just see him cracking jokes in spanish in the hospital. He is such a good example.

I hear that a lot of missionaries in the states got to see the movie “Meet the Mormons.” Those lucky dogs! It sounds awesome! I love how the church is making a lot more movies and videos for the public. Maybe they will translate it into Spanish and bring it down south to Uruguay. 

Elder Leavitt is awesome. We get along really well and he is a really hard worker. He is super spiritual as well. I have been super blessed to always have really good comps. He is from Orem, Utah but recently his parents moved to Salt Lake City. He is 1 change behind me on his mission so he has been out for about 4 months......or maybe 1 year and 4 months I can't remember. The only downfall that he has is that he is a Utah Ute fan. But I have the hope that everyone can change. 

I love this work. I love going out and finding random people in the street to try and sell them eternal life for free. There are so many people that are prepared to come and accept this message. We have found some really good people lately and we are excited to see what happens. I love my family so much! I am so glad that we have this plan so that we can live as a family for ever.


Elder Lacey 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference

October 7, 2014

Dear Family,

Another crazy week under my belt. I have so many pictures to send you guys but I punched a hole through my computer so it doesn't work haha just kidding! It doesn't work anyway! I'll see if I can change computers or something. But if not I will send the pictures next week. 

Anabel got baptized! We went through a lot of struggles with her but in the end she did it and she is super happy now. She has been without work for a really long time now and the day after her baptism she got a call to have a job interview! She has the interview today but I hope everything goes well. it is amazing how much the Lord blesses us when we are willing to do his will. 

This week is also the week of changes! I will be staying here with my Comp. Elder Leavitt. Elder Contreras will be leaving to Florida. It is sad to say goodbye to my good Chileno friend but Elder Leavitt is a super good missionary too so I am excited to work with him. 

General Conference is the best thing ever invented. I can't believe I ever slept through a talk before the mission. It was sweet when they had people talking in their native languages! When I saw it I said "Well that's pretty neat". I wanted to share some things from Conference with you guys but I don't know what to share. I loved it all! I liked the guy from Russia or somewhere like that. He was saying so many good things that I could't keep up with my note taking. If everyone could go to all of the sessions and apply everything they learned we would live in world peace. Its that easy!

That is really sad about Sarah. I can't imagine how hard it must be for them. I love Mosiah 4:9. We need to believe in God and we need to realize that sometimes we don't understand everything and that God always understands everything. I am praying for them that all will turn out alright.

Well, I wasted a lot of time messing with my computer trying to send pictures so I don't have much time. I am so excited for this upcoming change and I am grateful for the time that I have to serve. I love all of you so much! Life is eternal, Jesus lives, God loves us!

I love you all!

Elder Lacey

Dear Dad,

Rub some dirt on it. haha :) I hope you all are feeling better. It is interesting how when things are going well there are always setbacks. The trick is to not let these set backs set you back. We need to keep moving forward with faith in Christ that this plan is perfect and that everything will work out. 

Lets face the facts, it is a sign of the times that when BYU wins the national Championship we are one step closer to the second coming. I guess that this year wasn't the year. But maybe next year when Number 11 is back in town, maybe that will be the year.

Sarah and John will need a spiritual pillar such as yourself to get through these hard times. Give them courage and support for me. They are really special people and special people always pass through special problems. 

I am so glad that we have the plan of Salvation in our lives. I know that is is a true and perfect plan and that we WILL be an eternal family.


Elder Lacey

PS What the heck was Ammon Olsen thinking! Tell him to get his act together