Sunday, October 26, 2014

Let us go work in his vineyard

Elder Lacey with new companion Elder Leavitt

October 20, 2014

Dear Family,

So you guys are turning Jewish on me? Jk It sounds like a really good experience! I am glad that Luke isn't afraid to participate. That is a really important part of learning. (a note of explanation from Diana: I have a world religion class at BYU and so I visited a Jewish Shabbat  (their sabbath service). I took Luke and Mike with me. Luke raised his hand several times when the Rabbi asked questions. It was pretty interesting and Luke gave some great comments)

Also, I think I have been to that Lake where you went horseback riding. Mom, you are the best. You are the only mom that I know that has gone skydiving, horseback riding and has taken perfect care of all of her children. I love you!

I love General Conference too! Too bad it takes a little while for us to be able to read the talks. But I think that we will get them pretty soon. Thanks for the things that you share with me. It always lifts me up and gets me ready for the week.

So, sad day. Today I got my "trunky call" but I actually got it through the email. It is when the secretaries ask you what airport you are flying into and who will pick you up and stuff like that. Ain't nobody got time to respond to those types of questions! I got to baptize! I don't care where I am flying into haha Anyways, normally people get it when they are 6 months away but they sent it a little bit early so it surprised me.

The work is going well. we have found some really solid people but we have lost a couple on the way. Clause dropped us a week before her baptismal date. Everything was going well but then her daughter said that if she got baptized she wouldn't talk to her anymore or something like that so she doesn't want anything to do with the church. It is super sad but maybe she will come around someday. We should have a couple baptisms coming up soon because we have some really amazing investigators.

As far as Uruguayan life goes, I am living it up. I saw 6 people on 1 motorcycle the other day. I thought it was hard to fit 6 people in my truck. Also thanks to the bidet (buday, I don't know how you spell it) I haven't had to buy toilet paper in 8 months. Life is good.

I have been kind of sick for the past 2 weeks but I feel like I am getting over it. You know what that means. This is the week! Today is the day! Now is the Time! We are going to get to work. I love this gospel and I am glad for the chance that I have to help others receive this message. Thank you for your support and all of your prayers. Christ Lives and he directs this church! Now let us go work in his vineyard.


Elder Lacey

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