Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference

October 7, 2014

Dear Family,

Another crazy week under my belt. I have so many pictures to send you guys but I punched a hole through my computer so it doesn't work haha just kidding! It doesn't work anyway! I'll see if I can change computers or something. But if not I will send the pictures next week. 

Anabel got baptized! We went through a lot of struggles with her but in the end she did it and she is super happy now. She has been without work for a really long time now and the day after her baptism she got a call to have a job interview! She has the interview today but I hope everything goes well. it is amazing how much the Lord blesses us when we are willing to do his will. 

This week is also the week of changes! I will be staying here with my Comp. Elder Leavitt. Elder Contreras will be leaving to Florida. It is sad to say goodbye to my good Chileno friend but Elder Leavitt is a super good missionary too so I am excited to work with him. 

General Conference is the best thing ever invented. I can't believe I ever slept through a talk before the mission. It was sweet when they had people talking in their native languages! When I saw it I said "Well that's pretty neat". I wanted to share some things from Conference with you guys but I don't know what to share. I loved it all! I liked the guy from Russia or somewhere like that. He was saying so many good things that I could't keep up with my note taking. If everyone could go to all of the sessions and apply everything they learned we would live in world peace. Its that easy!

That is really sad about Sarah. I can't imagine how hard it must be for them. I love Mosiah 4:9. We need to believe in God and we need to realize that sometimes we don't understand everything and that God always understands everything. I am praying for them that all will turn out alright.

Well, I wasted a lot of time messing with my computer trying to send pictures so I don't have much time. I am so excited for this upcoming change and I am grateful for the time that I have to serve. I love all of you so much! Life is eternal, Jesus lives, God loves us!

I love you all!

Elder Lacey

Dear Dad,

Rub some dirt on it. haha :) I hope you all are feeling better. It is interesting how when things are going well there are always setbacks. The trick is to not let these set backs set you back. We need to keep moving forward with faith in Christ that this plan is perfect and that everything will work out. 

Lets face the facts, it is a sign of the times that when BYU wins the national Championship we are one step closer to the second coming. I guess that this year wasn't the year. But maybe next year when Number 11 is back in town, maybe that will be the year.

Sarah and John will need a spiritual pillar such as yourself to get through these hard times. Give them courage and support for me. They are really special people and special people always pass through special problems. 

I am so glad that we have the plan of Salvation in our lives. I know that is is a true and perfect plan and that we WILL be an eternal family.


Elder Lacey

PS What the heck was Ammon Olsen thinking! Tell him to get his act together

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