Monday, September 29, 2014

Miracles!!!! Miracles for Days!!

Elder Contreras and Elder Lacey workin' on the farm
Veronica's Baptism
Elder Lacey with the youth in Melo

September 29, 2014

Dear Family,

Miracles!!! Miracles for days. Yesterday Veronica got baptized. She is so awesome and has such a strong testimony. None of her family came to support her which was sad but she is such a great mom because she knows that this is going to help her family more then anything even if they don't know it. Also, Anabel is going to get baptized tomorrow! We lost contact with her for a week and we were passing by her small little house everyday but we could never find her. One day one of our charlas fell through and we were standing on the corner looking at our planners to see where we should go next when I had the impression that we should call Anabel. She answered and said that we could come over. We went over to her house and we could tell that things were bad. She was not happy at all. we started talking with her and she started to cry. She said that things had been really hard for her and that she had gone through some really tough experiences. She doesn't have a job, she has 3 hijas, and they live in a 1 room apartment. She said that she had doubts if God even existed. we were able to follow the spirit and calm her down. We both shared our testimonies and left her with a passage in the Book of Mormon, Nephis prayer. The next day we passed by and she had a big smile on her face. She had read the passage a couple times and she said that it was exactly what she needed. She knows that the Book of Mormon is true and God exists. She went to church and loved it. She is going to participate in the activities that the relief society has and she is going to get baptizedtomorrow. She has already accepted to pay her tithing even though she is really poor. The Mission is the best.

The other day in a District meeting we shared our testimonies and while I was sitting their I realized that I only have 8 months left I was really sad. I never thought I would get to the point when I would be sad that I didn't have much time left but I can't belive it. There is not much time left and I don't want it to end. It is amazing that next week we have chamges already. I hope that I don't leave Melo! haha I know I say that with every area that I have but its true.

I am so pumped for General Conference! I am going to drag 50 investigatores there so they can listen to the prophet! I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting on The importance of General Conference. i had a 20 minute talk prepared but I was only able to give like a 3 minute talk because everyone went over but I got a good study out of it. Save some cinnamon rolls for me! :) 

This week we also have Concilio and Zone Conference so it is going to be a packed week. 

I love you guys!

Dear Dad,

Sorry. I kind of ran out of time today. But I love what you shared with me! I am going to yoke myself to the Lord this week.

The goals that I have in the mission are:

1 Find another family
2 Give everything I have to the Lord
3 Get ripped doing it haha

I love you Dad

Elder Lacey

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