Monday, September 15, 2014

This Week was Full of Miracles

Elder Lacey and Elder Contreras with a family in Melo
Elder Ve'e, Elder Lacey, and Elder Pyper
Elder Lacey at the Montevideo Uruguay Temple

September 15, 2014

Dear Family,

What a week eh?! This week was full of miracles! To start it off do you guys remember Julia and Ruben? They went to church the first week that I got here but then Ruben said that he didn't want us coming back anymore. Recently we started working with their 17 year old son and on Tuesday we had a charla with him. We went over to their house and they were all their waiting for us! We had a charla with all of them and then afterwards Ruben asked forgiveness from us! He said that he was sorry for not wanting us to come over anymore. He said that he was wrong and that he thinks that maybe our message is what he really needs in his life. It was crazy! The only problem is that they are not married so we will see how it all works out. Also this week we have found a lot of other families. We found this really poor lady that has 3 daughters and lives alone in a tiny house. On Saturday we wanted to pass by to invite her to church but when we passed by she wasn't there. At about 8:00 at night we had a little bit of time and so we walked over by her house. We stopped at the corner and hesitated a little bit because it was really dark and there were a lot of teenagers outside of the place where she lives. It was a little bit sketchy and we had already passed by once that day so we weren't going to go in but out of no where a kid ran out to us and said Hey! Manavel and her daughters are home you guys should go see them! haha We didn't even know the kid but we went in and we were able to commit her to come to church and she came! Also a lady named Veronica came to church. She is about 40 and she has 2 kids and has been married with her husband for about 22 years. She is super awesome! It is amazing because she has been catholic her whole life and she was even married in the Catholic church. We are working with 2 other families that we thought were coming to church for sure but they didn't :( But things are going well.

Thanks for sending me those pictures I love seeing what you guys are up too. Today I have a better computer so I will send you some pictures. It is perfectly fine if other people want to write me some emails! Sometimes I might not be able to write back but normally I have enough time.

I am so grateful for all of you guys. I have the best family ever! 


Elder Lacey

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