Monday, June 16, 2014

Go Cougars!!

There was a conference with both the Montevideo and Montevideo West Missions so Elder Lacey got to meet up with the other BYU Football players, one from his mission and 2 from the other mission.
Elder Lacey, Elder Powell, Elder Pulsipher and Elder El-Bakri

June 16, 2014

Dear Dad,

I still remember getting home at some ridiculous hour in the night to our house in Farmington. I also remember not helping to much with the luggage! Sorry! haha I was always so tired but now I realize that you must have been 20 times more tired because you were the one who stayed awake and drove us home. I am glad that you guys got home safe from your trips though.


It is weird because here they celebrate fathers day on a different date...(so that is why I almost forgot) :) 

You are the best dad ever. I don't know anyone who works harder for their family. Thanks for raising us kids! I know it was hard but I hope it "vale la pena" 

That is sad to hear about Myron Taylor and Esta Tanner. I hope their families are doing well.

Yesterday one of the members in our ward came up to me and told me that he thinks he is going to go to Salt Lake City next week so he thought it would be cool to meet up with you guys! He is the Elders Quorum President and he speaks english. So I am going to give him your email and your cell phone number so he can get a hold of you. He might bring you a fathers day present from Uruguay too ;) 


Elder Lacey

Dear Family,

My family is the best. I love you guys! I am still laughing about "you have had 54 years to prepare that talk" haha! 

(A note of explanation: Mike and I (Diana) were in Meadville, PA for a couple of weeks with Jeff and Amy and their kids. Yesterday in church, after the sacrament, the councilor in the Bishopric passed a note down to Mike and I asking us to speak on the topic of "How Fathers have influenced us and to give advice for youth/parents" We would be speaking after the Elder in their ward spoke. Afterwards I was telling my dad, Grandpa Larsen, about it, He said, "Well, you had plenty of time to prepare." I said, "What do you mean, we had 10 minutes!" He replied, "How old are you?" I said, "54" He said, "Well, you've had 54 years to prepare for that talk." haha I guess he is right.)

I wish I could hear all of the funny things that all of the niƱos are saying. You guys should try to catch some of it on film! 

President Robbins talk was amazing! He talked a lot about the spirit and I learned a ton. The funny thing is that with Pres. Robbins and Pres. Gonzales they both "winged" their talks. They just go up there and follow the spirit. We are always allowed to ask questions and everything and they answer everything super easily. They are so directed by the spirit that they don't need to write a talk out...but like grandpa Larsen said They have had 60 or 70 years to prepare for their talks haha! Obviously they go in with an idea of what they are going to say but after that it is all the spirit. It was awesome!

Well dangit.... I am out of time :( Everything went really well this week. We didn't have time to do much because of all of the conferences and with the World Cup ruining everything but everything is good. I love the mission, I love the gospel and I love my family. Keep doing work!


Elder Lacey

PS congrats to Logan! that is sweet!!!!! I am pumped for him.

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