Monday, June 23, 2014

Franco's Baptism

June 23, 3014

Dear Family,

My parents are legit. I am so glad that you guys have such strong testimonies and know so much about the gospel. If there is one thing that I have learned on the mission it is obedience. It does not matter what situation we are in, we can always be obedient to the Lord. I don't know if I shared this with you already but basically there are 3 reasons why people are disobedient. 1) They think it is to hard 2) they think it does not apply to them 3) They do not think it is important. Guess what, all of the commandments that we receive from God are important, apply to every single one of us and are definitely possible to complete. It does not matter if you make 5 million dollars if you work on Sunday.....Keep the Sabbath day Holy. It does not matter if you don't have enough money to buy food for the week etc. God’s way is the only way to reach eternal happiness. 

This week Franco got baptized! So I will send you a photo of it. His mom is a less active member so we are trying to help her get back to church and Franco’s grandma really loved the baptism so we will see what happens there. Franco is good friends with Juan and Lucas so they helped him out a ton. It is awesome because our ward has a ton of jovenes (young men) now! It is really awesome to see. It reminds me of our ward back in Farmington!

Have you received any of the letters that I have sent? I have no idea when they should get there but they should be getting there soon. I still haven't received all of the packages you have sent :(  But I might receive them today :)

Good luck at girls camp. I know that you will do a great job. I like what you said about turning it into a learning experience. I have been learning a lot about that lately, about perseverance. There are a ton of hard things that we have to do in this life but if we learn from everything and keep moving forward holding on to the iron rod everything will be ok. I just wish that everybody could feel the same way. 

Well, lately I have had the ganas (desire) to play some futbol because everyone is all hyped up about the world cup so today we are going to get out there and get a good game going. I am pretty pumped

The gospel is perfect. What else can I say?


Elder Lacey

Dear Dad,

I really think we are in for some interesting times. The Lord is hastening his work and so is the devil. We will really see who is willing to yoke themselves to the Lord and who is not. The Conference before this Conference i think they used those verses like 4 or 5 times which means it is something really important. I also love the last 5 verses in Matt 16. Are we willing to give everything to the Lord in order to gain everything? 

2 Ne 2:27 We only have 2 choices. What are we going to choose? I am glad that my family is on the right path. Now lets go find some people to put on our backs and carry them to the path! haha! (I wish I could do that sometimes but agency always gets in my way)


Elder Lacey

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