Wednesday, June 4, 2014

President Gonzales

Elder Lacey with Pres. Gonzales

Elder Lacey with some delicious liver!

Lucas and Juan

Antonella's Baptism

June 3, 2014
Dear Family,

Peehhhhhhh!!! (Thats Uruguayan for wow) What a packed week! Wednesday Elder Bastidas and I left at 3:30 am to Montevideo for a meeting with all of the zone leaders and Presidente Gonzales. We were lucky enough to be able to stay there for a conference that he had with half of the mission and so we stayed the night in the hostel by the temple. The next day we traveled to Maldonado for the conference with the other half of the mission. So we weren't in our area for 2 whole days but it was definitely worth it. I think I took a whole book of notes on what he taught us. It was a huge blessing to be able to hear so much from someone who has A LOT of contact with the 12 apostles and the first presidency. I don't have time to share everything he taught us but I will say that everything he taught us not only applies to the mission but to real fact, you could say that the mission is real life haha! I learned a ton about leadership and about how to work with investigators but the coolest part was when he bore his testimony in his the last conference. He really is called to be a special witness of Jesus Christ,

On Saturday we had the baptism of Antonella! It was really spiritual and a lot of her family came. Me and Elder Pike sang "Mas Cerca Dios de Ti" and I was able to bare my testimony. I LOVE BAPTISMS! The mom of Antonella said that she felt the spirit really strong and she is really grateful for everything that has happened with her family and the church. She still is a little bit iffy about receiving the charlas and all but she is definitely progressing. Here in a little bit she won't be able to resist anymore. Lucas and Juan are continuing to blow my mind. They both shared their testimonies at the baptism and they pray like little angels. Antonella also shared her testimony after her baptism and it was really amazing to hear what she was feeling. Her mom told us that she has changed a ton. She basically bore her testimony to us that the gospel blesses families. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help these people feel the spirit in their house and to help them come to know that families can be together forever.

We received cambios (changes) last night! I am staying here with Elder Bastidas! But Elder Pike is leaving :( ..... but he is a zone leader now :) Changes are always fun. But I am really happy that I am staying. We learned a lot from Presidnet Gonzales about working with members and retention and we have some pretty good plans here in our area. Plus we still have some unfinished business with the family of Juan and Lucas!

Did you guys buy a RV or something? Because you are traveling all over the place! Say hi to all of the family up there! That is so awesome that Kayla got baptized! Thank you for sending those pictures! I also received 1 package this week...... that you sent April 11! haha I don't know why it took so long but thank you so much! I needed those socks haha and the beef jerky is DIVINE.

That is really sad about Sister Tanner. She was always really nice to everyone and she always had a bright smile on her face whenever I saw her. The good thing is that that smile will not vanish. There is another life after this one. Send my thanks to Sister Tanner for everything she has done. She is a great lady I will always be grateful for her example.

I am excited to keep the work moving down here in Uruguay and I am so grateful for everything that you all do for me!


Elder Lacey

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