Monday, March 31, 2014

We Always Need to be Moving Forward

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March 31, 2014

Dear Family,

General Conference Week! Time to go to work! We are going to invite all of Treinta y Tres to come listen to the words of God. I remember last conference I wished that all of San Carlos could have gone to watch. General Conference is "da best... i love it".

That is so cool that Olivia went to the General Women's Conference with you guys. It sounds like an experience that she will never forget. To bad Mikey and Ali aren't having has much fun as you guys ;) 

I can't believe you guys found 33 names from our line and took them to the temple for baptism.  I congratulate you for your work. It is interesting because for the month of March the zone leaders here let everyone choose our baptismal goal for the month. We wrote up all of the people with baptismal dates that we had and it came out to 37.... we ended up putting a goal of 33 which is super high but we really thought we could get it but we ended up with 16 baptisms which is still really good. I just find it funny that you guys reached our goal of 33 in 1 day :) haha

Elder Vorwaller and I were a little bit frustrated this past week because 2 weeks ago we were looking really good to get 33 baptisms but then they all started falling. A lot of it was due to Satan and peoples albedrio. This whole week we have been talking about the things that we could share or do to help our zone get our animo back. We have already put some plans into place and we are excited for the future. This week Elder Vorwaller and I go down to Montevideo for a conference for the zone leaders, then we have our zone conference on Thursday, General Conference on Saturday and Sunday and then we have a zone conference with President next Tuesday so we are looking forward to everything that we are going to be able to learn. 

One thing that really stuck out to me this week is lo siguiente: No matter how old or experienced we are we will always experience temptations and we will always have obstacles. Why is that? Because if we don't have problems or difficulties we can't grow. No pain, no gain. Obviously as we keep the commandments and do what we should be doing we will be blessed and we will be happier and have more peace, but we cannot become complacent. If we are not moving forward, we are moving backward. I remember Pres. Armstrong once told us that we always need to look for the next ordinance in our lives and if we have done everything good then the next step in our lives is to help those around us receive these ordinances. Basically we always need to be moving forward. We are here in this life to learn not to suffer. 

I gave a talk this last Sunday and I shared a lot of the same thoughts. I talked a lot about obedience and sacrifice and missionary work. We always need to be stretching ourselves to do even more. How are we going to become perfect if we stop learning? O sea, How can we become like Jesus Christ if we don't learn to overcome difficulties? 

Good thing that I am ward secretary so that I can have some more difficulties to work out haha! I didn't realize that they did so much. It really isn't that bad though, just a lot of numbers and paperwork and such. But the President just barely informed us that we aren't supposed to have major callings and so we let the Stake President know. After me they won't call missionaries to big callings without permission from President.

The mission is the best. I am still having a blast! I miss all of you guys and I hope everyone is doing well. 


Elder Lacey

Pictures: I love Pringles and I miss them; My desk with a couple things that I have received in packages; and my HOUSE!

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