Monday, March 24, 2014

Another Good Week

March 24, 2014

Dear family,

Another good week in the bag. I have been learning a ton about the mission and about how to be a leader so time is going by really quickly. I can't believe that I have already been out for 10 months! Being a Zone Leader is great but it is sometimes hard to balance our area and the whole zone at the same time but we are doing good. We do a good job of encouraging them to work hard but at the same time having a good time with them. The other 3 elders that I am living with are awesome! We all want to work hard and we all get along really well. I don't think I told you the names of the other companionship in our house. It is Elder Pike and Elder Oliver. Elder Pike is from Salt Lake City and I am pretty sure that 
Elder Oliver’s parents are living in Utah now. 

So, I forgot to tell you guys that I was also called as Ward Secretary here in our ward!  I have a lot to learn but I am excited for the opportunity. This last Sunday I helped the Bishopric out with tithing and this upcoming week I have to learn how to do some informe (reports) or something for the month. Needless to say I have been learning a lot about how the church works and it is a testimony builder. The church is so well organized! 

This past week we found an 18 year old guy (se llama Horacio) who is legit! He is the boyfriend of a member and he just showed up at church last Sunday. We have had a couple charlas with him and he has some really deep questions. You can tell that he is really sincere and that he wants to know for himself. This last charla he asked us "Why are some people going to fail? Why are only a few people going to go to heaven and the rest can't have that happiness?" We thought for a little bit and we were able to answer his question pretty decently. But it was another testimony builder for me because as I was thinking about his question it came to mind that God really does love everyone. Everything that God has done is to help us progress. Before this life we could not progress any further without bodies. No matter what happens, no matter what difficulties we go through in this life, we have more potential than what we had before. God wants us to keep progressing but we have to submit our will to his. It was just an interesting thought that made me think for a little bit. But Horacio is doing well, and is going to get baptized.

It sounds like Luke is doing some good things and that everyone is pretty busy. I love how active our family is. We are always involved in something to help us improve. The other day I got to play the guitar a little bit and I realized how much I miss playing! Is Luke playing an instrument right now? Take advantage of the time that you have and play something or sing! It helps a ton on the mission if you can sing, other people can really feel the spirit through the hymns. 

Keep on keeping on!


Elder Lacey

PS I got a few letters from Amy and Alison and a few others but I haven't read them yet, but tell them thanks!

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