Monday, March 3, 2014

Montevideo Uruguay Temple

Elder Lacey and others at the Montevideo Temple

March 2, 2013

Dear Family,

The mission is the best.

This week we were able to see miracles. First off we found a family that I already love. They live in La Coranilla which is a beach town about half an hour away. We contacted their 24 year old son named Marcos about a month ago but we couldn't get a hold of him on his cell phone so we lost contact with him. The other day I called the zone leaders to verify with them but they didn't answer which is strange. I was just sitting there and I had the thought to call Marcos again. I called and he answered! We went out to his house and we found his whole family there! They are 6 in total and they are the best people ever! We have only had 2 charlas so far but they are reading and praying so I know that they will get an answer to their prayers and become converted to this gospel. They are really sincere and they want to study and ask questions about everything so it might take them a little longer to get baptized because we barely got through a quarter of a lesson in an hour because they liked to ask questions and analyze everything haha! The sad part is that I am pretty sure that I am leaving Chuy this change so I won't be able to be here for their baptisms but we will see.

The next miracle was that we are reactivating this family. About 3 weeks ago we went by this family and they told us that they are never coming back to church ever again and I believed them. They kind of ran us out of their house and I just felt horrible afterwards. The other day Elder Rae felt like we should go visit them just to see how they are doing. (They live out in the boondocks by the way) I thought he was crazy! haha but we went out and everything changed. The members are helping them out and they said that they prayed and decided to change their ways. They were so happy when we went over. I couldn't believe the difference in their home and in their attitudes. We are now helping them to prepare their 9 year old daughter to be baptized. I had lost hope in them and I thought they would never change. Everyone can change! This gospel is for everyone and Jesus Christ will always have his hand extended to help us. An investigator told us the other day that humans can't change. They follow their nature and do what ever they think is good. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is centered around us changing. When we are truly repentant we want to change our desires and we don't want to sin anymore. I learned a valuable lesson, that is, to never lose hope on anyone. Everyone can change.

Everyday we see wickedness in the streets and darkness in peoples eyes.... I am so grateful for the Gospel and the "fast moving train of righteousness" that we have to combat this darkness. I have seen people's eyes change. I have seen the hand of God remove the darkness and wickedness surrounding a person and make that person into a disciple of Jesus Christ, full of light. 

Well, we better go get to work so that Chuy won't turn out like Sodom and Gomorrah haha! We better go make sure that there are at least a few righteous people here.

I love you guys!

Elder Lacey

PS I did get the banner! I love it! I got everything but I haven't opened 2 of the packages yet. I am saving them for my B day :) Thanks for everything!

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