Monday, March 17, 2014

Treinta y Tres (33)

March 17, 2014

Dear Family,

It has been a really good week down here in 33. I am diggin my new area and Elder Vorwaller is a boss! (incredible awesome missionary)  It’s also pretty nice because I already know everybody in the zone and I still see Elder Rae all of the time. He is such a great guy! The zone is doing work too! We are all really pumped to work and get some good things done so the future is looking awesome. 

It was hard to leave Chuy and the members over there but there are some really good members that I have met here to so everything is good. I am still getting to know the area a bit but I already love it here. Nobody has a car in the mission except the AP's and secretaries so we just walk everywhere and we use busses some times. I am getting pretty dang good at walking though. haha! The other 2 Elders that we live with are way cool too. We all wake up and work out really hard together. Elder Vorwaller has the workouts to Insanity all written down on paper and we do that everyday. Sometimes we have to "squeegee" the sweat off of the floor after we are done! So I think I will get in pretty good shape here. Anyway, All of the houses have washing machines but then we hang our clothes on lines to dry them. So far my shirts are hanging in there and my pants are doing good. Some socks would help but other then that I am doing good.... maybe some Beef Jerky would help out though ;) 

I am super pumped for this opportunity to serve. It is amazing how much you can help as a Zone Leader. In our zone there are 22 missionaries! We mainly work with the 3 district leaders that we have but we are trying to help out each individual missionary as much as possible. The good thing is that every missionary is the same in the eyes of the Lord and all missionaries can perform miracles.  We have a really solid group of elders though and so far we haven't had any problems.

I am so glad that you are able to help out so much in your ward up in Alpine. You guys are definitely examples of service to us all. I still remember when you would drag me Sam and Luke to Childhaven to read books and help them with their homework. I remember I never really wanted to go but after we finished we were always really happy. Thank you for teaching me how to serve. 

It is awesome that all of my buddies are doing so well on the mission! It was such a blessing to grow up with such good friends.

Everything is going well. I am really looking forward to the future and I am still learning a ton everyday. I think the best thing that I have learned is about faith. If you really have faith in God then you will go out and do something. I have always known this principle and I have always heard that faith without works is dead but I have tested this promise out and I know that it is true now. We need to go out and show our faith...there is no more time left to sit on the fence. Everyone has to dedicate their heart, might, mind, and strength to this work! If we do then we will see miracles.

I love all of you! Send some high fives to the whole family!


Elder Lacey

PS Sorry but I haven't written a handwritten letter in a while. I will try to get one sent out today but I still have to unpack my stuff haha! 

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