Monday, April 28, 2014

"No Man Can Serve Two Masters"

April 28, 2014

Dear Family,

Looks like you guys have been having a good ol' time down in Cali! Is Luke just as tall as you now mom? He is growing like a bean stalk! Send my love to Sarah and John for me! 

Something that I want to remind you guys about is found in Matthew 6:24....."No man can serve 2 masters". Basically what I have learned from this scripture is that we can not cheer for the Giants and then go to a Dodgers game. I invite all of you to repent and change your ways.......jk jk  I bet it was fun to go watch an MLB game even though it was the wrong team playing.

It has been a really good week down here in Uruguay though. My new comp Elder Bastidas and I have been working really hard and we are seeing a lot of good things happening in our area and in the zone. Elder Bastidas is from Peru and he was baptized when he was 11 with his whole family. He is a super awesome guy! He is a little direct with the missionaries but it is a good thing. He wants to help all of the missionaries here reach their potential. Its funny because in almost every zone there is a zone leader that likes to "drop cane" (tells the missionaries how it is) and there is a zone leader who likes to love the missionaries. That way the 2 zone leaders work together to help everyone feel the urgency that they need to have but still feel God's love for them.  I think I will have to be the "Lover" a little bit more this change which is good. I think we will be able to work well together to help every one here in the zone. 

But other than changes it has been pretty tranquilo around here. We are working hard everyday and studying hard too. I love studying in Chapter 6 in PMG! I feel like it is our job here on earth to do everything possible to get these attributes. It is through the attributes of Christ that we become perfected and in order to apply the attributes in our lives we have to read the scriptures daily, pray for help from God, and take the sacrament every week. It is crazy how important those 3 things are. If we stop doing one of them for an extended period of time we will fall. It happened recently here in our area. A recent convert here stopped reading his scriptures and he fell pretty hard. Now we are trying to help him come back but it is pretty difficult for him and it all started because he stopped reading his scriptures everyday. READ YOUR SCRIPS.

Well, I am really grateful for the opportunity that my comp and I have to go clean out a house in Vergara during our P day. Vergara got closed last change and they left their house a wreck so we get the opportunity to go clean it out :) "and if we die before our Journeys through, no P day Day, All is well". haha! It will be a good time. Another opportunity that I have had to serve recently is that my comp didn't have a single peso when he got here. I guess he got 1000 pesos stolen from him somehow so he doesn't have anything left. So I have shared my food with him and I have to buy our bus tickets to Montevideo tomorrow because we have concilio and they are a bit expensive so I think I will have to go take out some personal money soon. Sorry! But my comp is a boss and I love him so it is all good. We should be getting our monthly money pretty soon.

The mission is the best!

Have a good time in Cali! I love all of you!

Elder Lacey
Elder Lacey and Elder Vorwaller

Elder Bastidas

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