Monday, May 5, 2014

Juan and Lucas

May 5, 2014

Dear Family,

Another good week here in Uruguay. We have been working really hard and we are seeing some really good things here in the zone.  Elder Bastidas and I  have been working with 2 jovenes (young boys) that are legit! Juan is 13 and Lucas is 11 about to turn 12. Juan reminds me of Luke a ton! They are both so excited to get baptized and they both want to go on missions. I taught Juan how to throw a football the other day and now he wants to play football haha! We are also working with the rest of their family but Juan and Lucas are going to get baptized this Sunday. The other day Lucas asked us if we could have the charlas in the house of a member who doesn't go to church so that way they could help someone else come to church! They just keep blowing our minds with how prepared they are. Yesterday they showed up to church with a shirt and tie and we didn't even tell them about that! They are a really good example to their family and I don't doubt that soon the others will get baptized too. It is really cool to see such young kids make such good decisions. I bet Luke would be really good friends with them.

I am pumped for the 11th! I think right now I had Skyped planned for 6 p.m. our time. Does that work for you guys? I can't believe that you guys are going to be in Tahiti! haha Are just you and Dad going? Have fun!

The mission is going really well. President Cook is doing some really cool things and I feel like all the missionaries are working really hard. It is such an awesome experience to work with all of these missionaries that are all so pumped up. The other day we had a zone conference where we talked a lot about metas (goals). I loved the quote that you sent me because I tied it together with what we taught about metas. We have goals to help us reach our potential and when we set goals with the spirit, with the Lord's help we can reach those goals. But sometimes we fall. We don't accomplish everything that we wanted to achieve. But that is why the gospel is so awesome! We have the opportunity to start over! We can make new goals, have a new mindset and keep moving forward through the help of Jesus Christ. We can accomplish everything through the atonement of Jesus Christ and one day we can be perfect. 

I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well! Tell Sarah Happy B-day for me! I sent her a letter but it will probably get there in like 2 weeks. And Sam's B-day letter will probably be late too......oops! But buy him some ice cream and he'll get over it :) 

See you on Sunday!


Elder Lacey

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