Tuesday, May 27, 2014

One Year on the Mission

Elder Lacey companions with Elder Bastidas

May 26, 2014

Dear Family,

I am officially one year old now! It is crazy how fast time has gone by. I have learned so many things and have met so many people. It is funny to think that one year ago I didn't know Spanish, I had never read all the way through Preach My Gospel, and I thought that eating 3 meals a day was normal haha! I am so glad that I am out here doing work for the Lord. The mission really is the best 2 years. 

Thanks for all of the pics! It is awesome to see how much all of the kids are growing up. Say hi to everyone for me! I also received 2 letters from you this week! It gives me such a boost to hear about all that is happening and to hear your testimonies. Thanks for updating the blog and what not. I hope everyone enjoys reading it. I apologize for my lack of creative writing skillz.

President Cook is awesome! He is always directed by the spirit and he connects with all of the missionaries really well. He always cares about every single one of us and he has put some good goals to help us. His wife is really funny too, just like Pres. Cook. They both have a great sense of humor.  She studied health or something like that in college and so she is always teaching us about things that we can do so that we can be physically ready for the challenges of the mission. I feel like I am eating a lot healthier now. But our mission is doing really well and all of the missionaries are excited to work. 

Elder Bastidas and I had an awesome week this week and the zone did as well. Antonella is going to get baptized the 31! we are so excited for her and the ward is really pumped too. I can feel a change in the ward here. Last night we had a noche de hogar (FHE) in the house of our Ward Mission Leader and there were 25 people there including Juan Lucas, Antonella and Beatriz. It was a really good experience and I feel like our ward is progressing pretty well. Our Ward Mission Leader is a boss!! (meaning awesome) and I really feel like Lucas and Juan are giving a lot of energy to everyone. I think we had 9 young men in church yesterday which is almost unheard of down here. It is getting me pumped just thinking about all of the possibilities that are opening up. 

Yesterday we had a Stake Priesthood Conference and it was sweeeeet. I keep learning so much about how the church works and it is a testimony builder to see how perfect the organization of the church is. Sometimes I want to be a normal member so that I can help in other ways! haha Sometimes the members don't realize how much they can help in the missionary work and in helping other members. The stake president talked about the 3 keys in the church: preaching the gospel to non-members, members, and those who are dead. In stake conferences the 3 keys are usually together: Mission President, Stake President, and Temple President. I was thinking about you guys and it is interesting that you may not have such a big opportunity to share the gospel with others who aren't members because you live in Utah now but you have a huge opportunity to help perfect the saints and do temple work. We all have some work to do.

Thank you for sharing what you are learning about prayer. I have been looking for ways to improve my prayers because as missionaries we are praying constantly but sometimes we pray so much that it can get a little repetitive which I want to avoid. So thank you for that.

I love everybody! See you guys in a year!


Elder Lacey

(I forget to post letters from Elder Lacey to Mike but here is the one from this week)

Dear Dad,

It is interesting what you were talking about in your email because I gave the gospel principels class on Sunday and it was on work and responsibilty. God and Jesus are still working for us......That means that we are going to be working for ever! haha So we talked about how we can learn to love our work no matter what we are doing. I have come to learn that happiness is more of an attitude then anything else. If we have a good attitude towards our work then we will progress and be happy. Here in the misison I have met people who are well off and are happy, I have met people who are well off and are not happy and I have met people who don't do anything and they are NEVER happy! It is interesting to think about.

When I get back from the mission I want to do everything I can to develop my talents to keep helping the work of the Lord. I agree completly with you that it is perfectly fine to want to have success in sports, school and work but we need to have our eyes on the final prize. La vida eterna baby! 

Thanks for your love and for your wisdom!


Elder Lacey

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