Thursday, February 6, 2014

Birthday Letter to the Destroyer of Evil!

Elder Lacey for Heisman

Letter from Elder Lacey to Mom for her birthday

Letter from Elder Lacey to Mom for her birthday part 2

February 3, 2014

Dear Family,

I have good news! As of today the Boo officially stopped! ¡Vamos Arriba! I am feeling really good now. It is interesting, when I was sick I was wondering why I had to get sick because there was so much work to do. But when I was getting better I learned a valuable lesson. Because I had felt so bad, feeling normal felt so much better. It also helped me feel a new boost of excitement for the work because I wasn't able to work as well as normal, so when I finally got feeling 100 percent I was just happy to be able to work again. The Lord gives us weaknesses to make us stronger so I am actually grateful for the opportunity to have felt the pain so now I can feel good.....And I feel good, REALLY goood.(Nacho)

But I am really glad that you got your B-day letter and I am glad you liked it. The new mission president is going to get here the 3rd week of March so we have a temporary president for now from Uruguay. But I am really excited to get to meet President Cook. 

Way to go Luke! Keep draining those shots! I can't wait to see you play in 2 years! 

That is to bad about what is happening with Gay marriage up in Utah. Satan really is hastening his work in these últimos días. Sometimes it is really sad to walk down the streets and see so many people that are lost in the craziness of the world. It is so interesting to have the perspective of a missionary and see small little things that draw people away from God. We really need to constantly watch our thoughts, words and deeds porque si no, está bravo. I read a verse the other day about how quickly sin drags us down. There is no time to mess around these days. We have to always keep our focus on what is most important.

Andrea didn't get might ask why? The answer is Satan. Gosh dang! Never have I seen such a hard attack on someone. Andrea really is an awesome women and so Satan really doesn't want her to get baptized. Since we have known her there have been many things that have happened to her that could have potentially brought her down but she is staying strong. She is committed to get baptized this Sunday no matter what. We have been praying and trying to do everything so that she can make this huge step in her life but it is so interesting to see how Satan tries so hard to stop people from getting baptized. We are really happy that Andrea is staying strong and fighting off the temptations of the devil.

It is also interesting to think that many of the problems that she has had in her life started because she didn't have this knowledge of what a family should be like. We have given her a lot of material about the family and she eats it all up. I have a testimony that the family unit is one of the biggest things that we have to protect us against the world. And it is also the biggest thing that Satan wants destroyed. We need to fight for the spiritual and physical welfare of America! Because it is so clear down here in Uruguay. Without the family we are toast.

I am so glad to be down here to help these good people learn about the plan of God. The mission is the best! I love all of you guys so much and I hope you have a good February! I forgot to tell you, I received a letter from Sam and Annie, ,and 2 from Grandpa and Grandma Steinagel and Grandma Larsen. So thank them a ton for me. I love reading about how everyone is doing. Spread the Love!


Elder Lacey 

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