Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Faith to be Baptized

Elder Lacey, Andrea, Elder Rae
February 10, 2014

Dear Family,

What another crazy week! I love it when we have weeks like this and then I get to write you guys because I get to look back on the week and remember all of the miracles that happened. We have been very blessed these past couple of days.

It started off as a normal week. Andrea was doing good for her baptism on Sunday and we were passing by everyday to charla (have a missionary discussion) with her. She is a single mom and she works a ton but she has such a strong testimony. There have just been a lot of obstacles in her way. She has been really sad lately because her Dad sold her house that she halfway shares with her him so she has to move. She also was going to lose her job anyway so she has to move to Montevideo no matter what. One day she was really struggling because she had no idea what to do with her life and she was crying a bunch. We shared some scriptures and good stuff with her and she felt a little bit better. The next day we gave her a blessing of comfort and it was a really espiritual experience. She felt a lot better after that. She then left to Montevideo for some job interviews. She came back and we had a lesson with her on Wednesday. She was so happy! She went and met with some really famous hair dresser people and they really liked her work so she has a lot of really good job offers. We were really excited for her until we found out that she was moving in the next couple of days... and she was going to move into the house where her boyfriend lives with his parents because she has no where else to live. Thats when the roller coster started. We were feeling really bad but then we talked with her and we thought we had it all worked out. But then there were some problems with our plan and so she wasn't going to get baptized. We went to bed thinking that she wasn't going to get baptized and we could not sleep. I was up thinking of other things that we could do to help her not live with her boyfriend so that she could get baptized. The crazy thing is that she is completely committed to live the law of chastity. That is how strong her testimony is. She made plans to live in the house but not break the law of chastity, but that just doesn't work. So in the morning we went over and had a really spiritual discussion where she committed to not live with her boyfriend no matter what. We were so pumped! At the same time that we were talking, her boyfriend was on the way up from Montevideo to help her move. We all put our faith in the Lord that she would be able to find a house to move into in Montevideo. She had the faith to tell her boyfriend that she isn't going to live with him. She got baptized that day! It was probably the craziest 12 hour of my life. All throughout that time I was on the phone with the zone leaders making sure that everything worked out well. And I was also on the phone with the other missionaries in Montevideo trying to find some sort of house for her to live in. She has such a strong testimony and it took so much faith for her to get baptized that day without knowing what would happen in the future. She chose to love God more then anything else. It was amazing. After the baptism we had to take a bus to Lascano to do a baptismal interview. We were late so Elder Rae and I had to chase the bus down! haha We were booking it but luckily it stopped and we made it. In Lascano the interview went well and then we slept on the floor in Lascano because we had to take a bus the next day to Threinta y Tres For Zone Conference. The bus schedules are really messed up here because it has been raining for 2 weeks straight and there are some roads that art flooded. So after the Zone Conference we had to stay in 33 so we did some splits with all of the missionaries there. Luckily it rained a ton on us so we got soaked :) We slept on the floor again and then woke up at 3:50 am to take a bus back to Chuy. All of this time we were on the phone with a bunch of people making sure that everything worked out well with Andrea.

That was 3 days out of our week. We thought everything was going to be tranquilo after that but then we had another surprise! One of the missionaries in my district has been struggling with a lot of things and so there is going to be another special change in my district.  I am sad to see this missionary go to another area but I feel like I was really able to help him in a lot of his struggles. He wanted to go home for a bit but I was able to help him feel better about the mission and everything. Anyway, the new missionary that is coming in is Elder Massey. we were in the CCM together and we were really good friends s I am excited to be able to see him again. So basically it has been a crazy week.

I am so grateful for all of the blessings that we have received. Elder Rae and I are working great together and we were able to see many miracles with Andrea. Right now she is working with the missionaries down in Montevideo and everything is going well. She thinks she is going to dump her boyfriend because he got really mad about this whole situation. But you can only serve one master! And Andrea picked the right one. There were a few verses in the Bible that we shared with her that really helped her a ton but right now I can't remember where they are exactly. It is in Matthew somewhere. They are some of my favorite verses. I will share them with you next week.

But I am so glad that you guys are helping this family out. it sounds like a good opportunity to serve. 

Man! I am just so grateful right now. There are so many things in the mission that can bring you down so that you lose your excitement but there are so many things that bring you up, higher then you think you can go. I am so grateful for the mission and everything that I have been able to do to help others. This is the best!

I love you guys and I hope everyone is feelin good!


Elder Lacey

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