Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our Ultimate Goal is to Become Like Christ

after we ran through that crazy big storm.

We were on the bus a lot and pretty much everyone got hit with some really bad diarhea..... there wasn't any toiletpaper sooooo some sacrifices had to be made

February 17, 2014

Dear Family,

The mission is the best! 

This week went by so fast, but when I look back at the last time that I wrote you guys there is so much that has happened. Elder Rae and I are feeling really good about our area right now. We have found some really good new investigators and we are planning on having 2 baptisms this week. One is a guy who is super, super poor and he used to drink really heavily. He got really sick like a year ago and so he quit drinking. (Thank goodness for sicknesses) He can't read either and so when we first met him we didn't think he would come to church or anything but he has already come 3 times now! It is amazing to see the changes in people if they are just willing to accept Christ. The 2nd baptism is a friend of a member who is 12. He is so awesome! Even though he is young you can see his willingness to follow Christ. 

This week we had to travel to Melo for a multi zone conference. I always love these zone conferences because we always learn a ton and are always really excited to work afterwards. The only problem is that we left at 4:30 pm on Thursday and got home at 9 am on Saturday. Even though we lost so much time working in our own areas, our district still got some really good work done. Did I tell you that there  was another special change? Anyway, the new elder that came in, Elder Massey, is awesome. We are really good friends and he is helping out Lascano a ton. Basically our whole district is doing really good right now so we are all excited.

Andrea is still doing well. She has gone through some rough times but the elders down there in Montevideo are helping her out a lot. The ward down there is supporting her very well too. I am so glad that no matter where you go you can always have good church members to help you out. 

The weather has been pretty crazy here. it hasn't been really hot but it has rained a ton and it is really humid. We are eating well and so I am gaining some good weight back. Yesterday we had to run a good distance and it was the best run of my mission. I felt like I could run a 49 second 400! Maybe not..... but I felt really good. So all is well health wise. 

Lucky! St George is the best. I hope you guys had a fun time rolling down the sand dunes. Say hi to everyone up there for me. Thanks for all of the pictures! I love seeing everyone so happy. Luke looks like He is growing a ton! But yes we can watch videos that have the Church logo on them. We can download them off of the church website and put them on a thumb-drive so maybe I will have to do that. I have recently realized the power of media in conversion. A big thing that helped Andrea was the video of the restoration we also gave her the video of finding faith in Christ. I think she watched both videos like 3 times! But for us as missionaries church videos are the best. There are a couple that always get us feeling the spirit really strongly and ready to work. 

I love what you are studying though. Chapter 6 is one of my favorite chapters in PMG because that is our ultimate goal, to obtain the attributes of Christ and become like him.

I love you guys! Hugs all around!


Elder Lacey

Some sort of crazy red eyed devil dog that we saw in the street today.

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