Monday, December 9, 2013


December 9, 2013

Dear Family,

STATE CHAMPS! I am the happiest little camper right now. I could just imagine how awesome that game must have been! I am so pumped for all of my boys down there!!! 5th ward comin in BIG! It takes a ton of work to go through a whole football season so it must be even more rewarding for those guys. Next time you see any of the guys on the team tackle them for me! Congratulate all of them. I wish I could hug everybody!! I just don't know what to say. I think I am going to go buy myself some ice cream and then cry in it because I am so happy. I still have dreams of dang football. That is so cool that they get to end their season with such a cool experience! 

Anyway, that is some really good news. Some other good news is that Cleberson got baptized without any problem. It was a really cool experience to hear his wife bare her testimony about how long she has been praying for this and how now she and her family can be an eternal family when they get sealed in the temple. She was also really appreciative for us. It was a really good experience. I will send you a picture of them. I am just so glad that we could be in the right place at the right time to help this husband and father make the choice to follow Jesus Christ. I have learned a lot about the role of the family in the Plan of Salvation since I have been here. The place that we can have the most joy is with our family in a gospel centered home. I am so thankful for the family that I have!

I got Sam and Annie’s wedding invitation and the BYU medical thing. Thanks! We didn't get to watch the Christmas conference though :( 

I am diggin my mission though. Our area is really taking off now. We have a few more people that have baptismal dates and we keep finding new investigators so we are really excited. I love my Savior!

I am going to try and send some pics now so I will talk to you next week. I am looking forward to talking with you guys on Christmas too! I will keep in touch with you about that.


Elder Lacey

(this is Daniel's email response to the Farley's email about winning State)


I am so happy for you guys! Tackle Brian for me. He is the When I get back I want to watch the video of the whole game. I am so pumped right now. I just don't even know what to say......You guys should go on a parade through Aztec haha! 

Baptism of Cleberson with Elder Lacey and Elder Ochoa. What a wonderful family!
This is how Daniel and his companion had to fill the baptismal font....heat water on the stove and siphon it from a tube to the font.  It took 8 hours. Do we appreciate the conveniences we have?
Elder Lacey finally got his Halloween Candy by mid November. Packages take 6 to 8 weeks to get to him.
Baptism of Nikolas with Elder Lacey and Elder Ochoa.  Daniel looks like a giant!

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