Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Chuy

Christmas in Chuy, Uruguay

Mom sent a Christmas cookie mix

This Christmas stocking has gone to every Elder in our family since Uncle Doug. That's 10 missionaries!!               North Carolina, Ireland, Canary Islands, Brazil, Brazil, Brazil, Texas, California, Mexico and now Uruguay.
The Moyle Park ward in Alpine sent the big poster in the background with letters from the Primary children

See what Santa gives good boys.
Elder Cowboy
Elder Lacey's Christmas Tree

House companions. Daniel's Companion, Elder Rae, is in the center

Elder Lacey's District in Chuy

December 30, 2013

Dear Family,

Long time no see! It was so good to talk to you guys on Christmas! You all are looking really good. It is sad that I am not able to talk to everybody but I hope that you were able to tell everyone that I love them. 

Anyway, not much has happened since we last talked. Andrea wasn't able to get baptized this week but she will get baptized soon.

I have been learning so much about Leadership and everything! I am loving it!

Yesterday, Elder Rae and I got caught outside in the rain without umbrellas! We got soaked but we actually had a good time. It was better then being soaking wet from sweat! 

Elder Rae is learning like a boss! He is doing so good! He always wants to help everyone and he is willing to work so I am excited for him. I am always blessed with such good comps.

I am going to end so I can send you all a ton of pictures but I love all of you so much. I am so grateful for this mission and everything that I have been able to see here. I understand why the mission is the best 2 years (so far).

Merry New Years!


Elder Lacey

PS Luke- You are looking like a Beast! Keep shooting baskets and doing your pushups and sit-ups.....and then go play some Age of Empires for me!

Tell Sam to send me that picture that he is supposed to send me!

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