Monday, September 30, 2013

San Carlos

September 30, 2013

Dear Family,

I'm in San Carlos! It is so awesome! There are actually grocery stores here! Back in Aeroparque we only have little almacens that are basically a house filled with random stuff, but here we have legit stores. So maybe I can actually cook some real things now. But the problem with being in a nicer area is that the people are less receptive to the gospel. We have already met a ton of Atheists. It is sad to think that there are people out there who don't believe in anything! Usually they have gone through a really hard time, for example one of their kids died and so they stop believing in God. But when bad things like that happen that is when we should come closer to God. We can just see the sadness in these peoples eyes and the only way that they can get true happiness is through el Evangelio... but their hearts are already hardened to God and it is really hard to help them. But we have been finding a lot of good people here too. It is just harder to find them. 

Our house is really nice! Well, compared to our last one. It is just Elder Ve’e and I in our house and it is really clean, so I'm happy. Also, we live right across the street from the church so that is really convenient. 

Our area hasn't been doing so hot lately. When I got here we had 2 investigators that were kind of iffy and an 8 year old girl that we just baptized this last Saturday. I'll send a picture of her.  But Elder Ve'e and I are working really hard to get this ward going strong. These past few days we have found some really good people that are prepared to hear our message! We will see if they go the distance. But we are both really pumped to be working together..... The only problem is that Elder Ve'e is a sinner...yep....He is a Utah Ute fan. haha! But we get along alright still :)

Well, it sounds like everyone is doing really well! That is awesome that Luke wants to go to school even when he is sick! haha But I bet that Statistics is pretty tough, Mom! Remember to do your homework. I'm glad that my football teams did well this week! Send my love to everybody up there in the States! Everything is great down here! Elder Ve'e and I are PUMPED. 

(This part is from some handwritten letters we received this week from Daniel)

Just remember that this gospel is the most important thing in this life! I seriously wish that I had more time to study but I only get 1 measly hour a day!  I just want you all to have as much peace and happiness that you can possibly have and I know the only way to obtain true happiness is through the Gospel. I see so many sad people down here and I just want to force feed them the Gospel because I know exactly what they need! If they followed the teachings of Jesus Christ they would have so much joy they wouldn't know what to do with it!  Entonces, study the scriptures a ton.  Study Preach my Gospel too.  I especially love the attributes of Jesus Christ section.  It is legit!

I love everybody! 

Elder Lacey

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