Friday, September 20, 2013

Alexandro got baptized

Dear Family,

What a spiritual week! But the funny thing is that I don't know why it was a super spiritual week because it’s been pretty normal around here but Elder Walker and I have been feeling really good. This past Friday Alexandro got baptized! He is such a boss! He is going to be a really strong member of the church. But Elder Walker and I spent a ton of time trying to get the font filled with warm water and we had everything worked out but for some reason when we went back to the church there was no more water that would come out! The whole church was out of water. So Alexandro got baptized in water that only went up to his knees! They had to do it about 5 times but we finally worked it out.

So I received 3 letters the other day. One from Grandpa Steinagel, one from Honey Farley, and one from Amy! Thank them for sending those! It took about 3 weeks to get here so I think it is getting faster :)

I am glad to hear that Luke is involved in so much. I hope that school is going well for him. Send my congratulations to Jaclyn! And convince Brandon to go on a mission! 

All of the quotes made me laugh! I was such a crazy little boy. Thank you so much for raising me up right. I want to see those shoes that I wore out when I was 2! Speaking of running, Last night was the toughest run of the mission! We have to be in the house at 8 on Sundays and we left one of our charlas at 7:54! and we were almost a mile away...and it was raining pretty hard and I had my big boots on and my backpack. But we made it haha! I was pretty dead after that one. But it is worth it to be obedient.

It has been raining for 3 days straight now. I want to see the sun! The weather is crazy. Before it started raining it was really hot! But recently it has been super cold. and you get soaked because it rains horizontally down here because of the wind. But I love it :)

I am fine with the rain but what I don't like is what comes with it. When it rains no one in Uruguay does anything! It is so hard to contact people when it rains but we have been trying our best so we still get some work done. They have a ton of fry bread down here though! They call them torta fritas and whenever it rains they make them. They are pretty good but I am going to get fat!

It is crazy to think that in one week Elder Walker is going home and I will have a new comp! Time is flying by. But I will tell Elder Walker to contact you guys when he gets home. The good thing is that when he leaves it is

like Chritmas for me because I get all of the stuff that he leaves behind haha!

Well, I was going to tell you guys a little bit about Faith but I will have to save it for next time because I have to go! But I have a good little diagram that I made that helps me connect Faith with everything.

But thanks for everything. I pray for you guys everyday. I hope everything is going well! I love you all so much.


Elder Lacey

P.S. 1) Beat Utah
       2) how are Dom, Court and Tyler Hough doing?

Alexandro is in the middle

Elder Lacey get's soaked from the rain but thankfully he has good boots so his feet stay dry and he has a good coat that keeps his upper body dry.

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