Monday, April 13, 2015

My Beloved Uruguay

On the shores of my Beloved Uruguay
April 6, 2015

Dear Family,

I went to General Conference with a few questions written down and my mind ready to receive revelation for the end of my mission and also for the future. If you saw the Saturday sessions you will know that the majority of the talks were about families and getting married. I guess the Prophet and the twelve apostles want me to get married as fast as possible! haha! No, but I received answers to all of my questions! I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel and for all of our church leaders. It was weird because this was my last General Conference in the mission and so some of my questions that I had written down had to do with what would happen in the future. One of my questions was what can I do now in order to prepare my family in the future. My hand hurts because there was so much material to write down! The Gospel is designed to help our families. (We watched 2 sessions in English and 3 in Spanish)

Speaking of families, Gustavo Andreoni and his family are doing awesome. We are going to have his baptismal service this Friday. It is so awesome to see the change that he has gone through. We have seen many miracles and I can see more and more light in his countenance everyday. In the charla that we had with him yesterday I shared with him a quote from General Conference. "There are many good things, many important things, but there are few that are essential." We need to have an eternal perspective to see what are the few essential things that we need to do. Cake is good, ribs are good, money is good, football is important, but what is essential is making it back to Our Father in Heaven together with our family. I am so happy to be here helping other families to see this.

Bishop, Elder Lawson, Elder Lacey, Gustavo and his wife
General Conference also gave me an opportunity to see Mariana and Susana from Las Piedras they are both doing super well! It is awesome to see converts that are firm in the church. I hope to keep in contact with them like Dad has kept in contact with the Familia Elmo. 

In one month from today I will be heading home....I want to cry! The mission is so awesome. I have changed so much here in la Tierra Prometida, my Beloved Uruguay. I am going to make the most of this last month and I am going to preach my heart out. 

I love all of you so much!

Elder Lacey
Elder Lawson and Elder Lacey enjoying PDay

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