Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Gospel is True!! Go Preach it!!

Gustavo's Baptism
April 20, 2015

Dear Family,

Sometimes I have the desire to sit down and write a book. I have learned and felt so many things here in the mission and I want to write down everything! I have so many things to tell you guys that I don't know what to start with. 

Building a house
One of the things that I thought was interesting this week was we were able to have an activity in the church here in Lezica where we watched “Meet the Mormons.” Luckily I have been able to see it about 3 times now in Spanish. It was a really good activity but what I liked most about it was the desire that it gave me to serve. I feel like that is one of the biggest things that has changed in me during the mission. I now realize the importance of going the second mile and magnifying your calling. Did I ever thank you for sending me that talk by Elder Eyring that talks about magnifying your calling? I think it is one of my favorite talks of all time. I really want to make sure that I am always involved in some sort of service all of the time.

This week we are preparing Gustavo and Sandra (our 2 most recent converts) to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. This week Gustavo will also be receiving the priesthood. We have been really blessed to be able to witness the progress of many people and we are continuing to find more investigators. I'm glad it hasn't really hit me that I am coming to the end of the mission. I guess it will hit me when I see you guys at the airport haha :) 

Tomorrow we have a conference with Elder Dallin H. Oaks! I am really pumped. In the CCM Elder Cook came, but since then I haven't seen an apostle. It is going to be a good time.

Elder Lacey, Gustavo, and Elder Lawson

Elder Lacey and Elder Lawson
The Gospel is true! Go preach it!


Elder Lacey

Dear Dad,

That is crazy that you will be introducing big ol' Drew Brees in your meeting. Make sure you let him know who's boss. haha! Hopefully I will be able to accomplish a part of what he was able to accomplish in his football career. I believe that I can do it.

Oh, sorry for not emailing you back last week. I ran out of time really fast. The good thing is that I will be seeing you guys here pretty quick. I am so grateful for everything that you guys have done for me. I am so happy and grateful for the mission and I am going to do everything that I can to keep having spiritual experiences to finish off my mission. I also want to stay in contact with all of the converts here just like you had contact with the Diaz family for so long. 

Like one of your shirts says "Life is Good"

I love you Dad!

Elder Lacey

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