Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sandra and Sofia were Baptized!

March 16, 2015

Dear Family,

The mission is the best! Sandra and Sofia were baptized on Saturday and then confirmed on Sunday. It was such a good service and all of the members helped out a ton. Sandra and Sofia are doing super well and they are all situated in the ward nice and snug so they aren't going anywhere. All of the members are so excited to share the gospel, its amazing. I have been sharing a scripture lately with a lot of members that is in Mosiah 27:14. it is when the angel is talking to Alma the Younger and the angel tells him that it was because of the prayers of the people and the prayers of his father that the angel visited him. If you get an entire ward together united in prayer miracles are going to happen. We are seeing those miracles with Gustavo. He is doing really well and we have had some really spiritual charlas with him and his family.

Also for my Birthday the members treated me super well. Lets just say I was really full at the end of the day haha! Everyone just kept giving us food! Its fine with me :)

I received 2 letters today but I haven't had time to read them yet. it looks like one is from the Steinagles and one is from you guys with drawings. Thank you! You are all the best. That is really cool that Dad was talking with Pres. Newsome! And that is really nice of Pres. Cook to send a letter to you. They are both really great men.

Life is good. The mission is going great. This Wednesday we are going to the Temple and I have everything ready to go through for Michael Lacy. I am so grateful for everything. The only thing I can complain about is not having more time to preach the gospel....the good thing is that I have non-mormon friends back in the states :) 

The church is true! 


Elder Lacey

Dear Dad,

Good ol' mom stealing all of the compliments from Dad. Haha! Its hard to compete with the best. But don't worry dad, I still love you! 
(Just so you know what happened: Mike spoke in another ward as a member of the High Council. After his talk a lady came up from the audience and shook his hand and said, “I know who you are! You’re Diana Lacey’s husband. She gave the best talk a few weeks ago in our Stake Women’s Conference!” She didn’t say a word about Mike’s talk. The good thing is that later that night Mike got a very nice email from a man who had been in the audience and he complimented Mike on how strong the spirit was and how much he loved Mike’s talk. He also mentioned many other people who made similar comments!)

If you would like to enter a bracket for me with all of the underdogs, do it. 

I love that story in Luke! I am pretty sure that a couple of weeks ago I talked about it in my Email to you guys. I love how when they took the sacrament they knew him and how in John 17:3 it says that eternal life IS so know God and Jesus Christ. It is a powerful story.

I am excited to see you soon! I still have some work to do down here though :)

I love you

Elder Lacey

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