Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lezica Norte

February 10, 2015

Dear Family,

Yep, changes again! I can't believe how fast this change went by. I got called to train in Lesica, Norte which is in Montevideo! I will also be a District Leader there. I am sad because Elder Morris is the best but I am also excited for what is up ahead. I am in the same situation that Elder Walker was in when he trained me. that is weird to think about. We will be doing a white wash so the first week is going to be crazy but I am looking forward to meeting all of the members and working with them. Elder Morris and I grew really close over these past 6 weeks and we have seen miracles. I have learned a lot from him too. We are going to be pretty close to each other though so we will keep in contact. I am so grateful for all of the comps that I have had.

Sad news with Antonella. Her ex boyfriend was building her a quick little house out of wood that was going to work out well for her and she was going to get baptized this week but...... She got in a fight with her ex-boyfriend and decided that she didn't want to receive anything from him. She moved to Pando to live with her sister. It is sad because we couldn't work with her anymore but the good thing is that she is really set on being baptized so she is going to go to the church in Pando. Hopefully I will be able to go to the baptism. 

There is some more good news though. We are working with the Silvera Family again. They were the ones where the Dad didn't want us to pass by anymore but we recently made friends with him and we were able to have a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with all of them! A member family came over and we watched a short video and talked about it and the dad of the family was participating and everything! We also made some brownies to share with everyone :)  Hopefully Elder Morris and his comp will be able to help them all to become converted. 

It will be sad to leave Las Piedras but every single change that I have had has helped me grow. I am looking forward to it. I like the example that you shared of the crayons. I think that is how life goes sometimes. We think that we have lost something when really God is just helping us to progress and grow. 

I am so glad that you had an awesome Birthday party! I enjoyed seeing all of the pics. Luke Is Huge! Is he taller then you mom? He must be eating his veggies :)

I have a couple of questions regarding college. Am I going to take classes this summer? haha And what did you guys have planned for housing? My buddy Travis Bloomfield has an apartment that is on campus and pretty cheap but nice. I would like to stay with him and one of my football buddies that is in Chile right now. Did I already send you the link to the web page of the apartments? I also sent an email to Coach Holliday and he said to contact him when I get home and he will let me know what to do. Also, thank you for sending those packages. I am sure I will get them soon. I love power bars and jerky!!!!

I am always so grateful for the counsel that you give me. I always try to apply the things that you send me in my life because I know that I will be blessed if I listen to the counsel of my parents. You guys are spiritual giants.

The other day I was thinking about all of the things that I have learned in my mission. As a leader I have learned a lot of tips and skills and what not. For example, how to make contacts in the street, how to make a good zone plan, how to react in certain situations etc etc. There are a lot of things that you can learn as a missionary but I realized that what makes a great missionary great is his testimony in Jesus Christ. If you truly have a strong testimony in Jesus Christ you will do what he wants you to do. If you go through your mission and you learn how to be a missionary but you have not strengthened your testimony then you didn't really learn how to be a missionary. 

I know that Christ lives.


Elder Lacey

Dear Dad,

1/8 of the mission = 3 months
1/8 of a 400M race = 50 M
Elder Lacey runs 50 M in around 5 Seconds
3 months=50 M= 5 seconds = BAPTISM

Hopefully you can follow my math but 1/8 of a mission equals baptism. These last 2 changes are going to be awesome haha!

I can't believe that time has gone by so fast. You nailed it on the head with me training. It will be a good experience.

I am planning to get back into shape as quick as possible. I will probably go lift in the morning and then in the afternoon go run and play catch etc. everyday. I feel pretty good and I feel like I could put on good weight pretty easily and get faster at the same time. I hear that the people in my new house like to work out so we will get big together.

Thank you for everything Dad!


Elder Lacey

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