Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mariana Got Baptized!

Mariana's Baptism

Elder Lacey with Elder Morris in Las Piedras

January 26, 2015

Dear Family,

Well... Antonella won the award for hardest baptism ever. The problem is that she still isn't baptized :( But she definitely will get baptized in the near future just because she has so much faith and so much desire to get baptized. It is sad because it is not her fault that she can't get baptized. What happened was that she was going to move into a house last Tuesday and we had everything set up. We had done about 10 hours of service on that house (which is a house of a recent convert) just to get it prepared for Antonella to move in. We went there on Tuesday to get the house set for the move and we found out that a young couple came the night before and offered cash to the recent convert so she took it. Like a thief in the night! Snap. We were sad but we didn't worry to much. We just went straight back to work. We prayed constantly for a miracle and an hour later we received a call from the other missionaries who saw an old member in the street who was crying. They talked to her and she said that she needed someone to live with her because she felt alone and she couldn't cook for herself etc. So we went straight over to her and talked to her and she was happy that Antonella wanted to move in to her house. Everything was good and it was even a better living situation for Antonella. On Thursday Antonella had 7 small boxes packed up. She has so much faith! She was willing to do anything to get baptized. anyway, we had everything packed up in a van when we started receiving calls from the Bishop and the 2nd Counselor in the Stake Presidency who lives in our ward. Basically there have been problems with this old member before. She is a little bit crazy. She suddenly changed her mind and said that Antonella couldn't come over. The Bishop was really trying to help her out. It was kind of frustrating because here we did everything possible to help one of the best investigators ever but it didn’t work out.  Anyway, that is what happened and so we are still in the search for a miracle. Antonella is doing well. She is really sad that she couldn't get baptized but she is staying strong. She even started her family history work the other day!

The Good news is that Mariana got baptized! Elder Havens and I taught her a lot together but she doesn't live in our area. She would always come to a members home that lives in our area and so we would teach her there. We actually found her at a ward activity. We finally got her in contact with the other missionaries and they took it from there. She is going to be a super firm convert in the church. She has already read through the entire Gospel Principals book haha! I will try to send a picture of her baptism.

That was basically our entire week. Elder Morris and I get a long really well and we are teaching better then we have ever taught. I finally know how to be a missionary! I think I said that about 6 months ago and I will probably say it again haha! Truth is, I love the mission. 

Tell everybody that Elder Lacey loves them. I can't believe Sean Farley is home. Send him my apologies..... Its hard to be on the sidelines hearing about other people in the mission field ;) Send Adam my love. They are such a good family.

The Church is true! Miracles exist!


Elder Lacey

PS Antonella is going to get baptized!!!!

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