Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Elder Lacey on P-day
 (I don't know why Uruguayos don't smile. They are actually really happy people) haha
Elder Leavitt and Elder Lacey at baptism of Lucas in Melo

Elder Leavitt and Elder Lacey

Elder Lacey with his Christmas Packages.
Wow! that was fast. Maybe it's because he lives in Montevideo now.

Elder Lacey and Elder Leavitt in Brazil

December 1, 2014

Dear Family,

I received my christmas packages! I got 3 from Mom and then 1 from Grandma and Grandpa Larsen. Thank you guys so much! The problem is that I could not wait until Christmas to open the electric dog whistle. That is the best thing ever made! It was crazy that you guys sent that because a week ago I found out that electric dog whistles existed and I thought it would be sweet to have one. It has already helped us a ton. I don't even have to take it out of the pocket in my bag to use it. I just press it and the dogs go paralyzed! They can't do a thing. It makes it really nice when we are trying to talk to someone but we can't here them over the barking dogs. Thank you! 

This week there were elections in Uruguay. It is weird because everyone is obligated to vote and you have to vote in your home town if you didn't do some paperwork. Plus there is only one day to do it and it is Sunday...This Sunday it was raining. It is hard enough to get people in church when it is raining but when there are elections it is almost impossible. But we had a miracle. We are working with the familia Silvera and they are awesome. They were all going to come to church but the day before they found out that family members were coming to stay in their house because of elections so they couldn't go. There 9 year old son is Diego and he decided that he wanted to come anyway. A 13 year old member lives next to them so we planned that he would go by and walk with Diego. On Sunday we went to go pass by for an investigator but she ended up not being able to come. On the way to the church we saw 9 year old Diego outside of the members house with an umbrella clapping (that is how we ring doorbells here) We went over and talked to him and he was like- Hey! I want to go to church but no one passed by for me. He is awesome! We were super surprised that he was so pumped to go to church. He ended up getting to participate in the primary program and he loved it. The good thing is that Diego is usually not interested much in religion even though the rest of his family is so we are using that to help the rest of the family get converted.

This zone is awesome. we are all really athletic so we play a lot of sports. I don't know of many touristic places but I will look into that because it is always fun to do something like that as a zone. We are kind of in the city still though so I don't know if there is much. We have 6 hermanas in our zone and 21 elders.

Thank you guys so much for all of your support! I will be sure to eat healthy. I can't believe you sent me another pair of shoes! haha! I should be good for the rest of my mission. I will just use them for conferences or something. Thank you!

I know this is the work of the Lord.


Elder Lacey

Dear LacePops,

I know Christian Stewart! I was there with him in the off season. that is crazy that he finished off the season for BYU. I would love some more Articles. 

That has always been a big question for a lot of missionaries. Does God know where all of us are going to end up? and is this time on Earth just a time to prove ourselves to ourselves? I liked what you said. If we are obedient we don't need to fear about anything.

You know that my favorite color is green.....haha But I am fine with my truck.

Love you dad!

Elder Lacey

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