Monday, November 3, 2014

The Window to Revelation

November 3, 2014

Dear Family,

Sorry, I don't have a poem for you guys this week. haha! But nevertheless it was another successful and good week here in Uruguay. I feel like this was one of the fastest weeks in my mission. Time just keeps speeding up. And these next 2 weeks will probably go by even faster because we have concilio, zone conference and then next week we have a multi mission conference. So we are going to have a couple of spiritual feasts coming up. I really like what you were saying about decisions. Time goes by so fast that if we do not decide to do what is right it will be too late. we will end up like those Direct TV commercials where the guy didn't get Direct TV and he ended up on the side of the road in a ditch.....we need to choose the right or we will end up in a ditch on the side of the road.

I have come to realize that people named Lucas are chosen! Lucas in 33 is awesome, and the Lucas in Melo is awesome and the "Lucas" (Luke) in Utah is awesome! They are all chosen young men that have some huge roles to play here on this earth. It is amazing how fast the Lucas here is progressing. 

The weather is getting weird down here. We have had some super hot days but recently it has been raining a ton and a little bit cold. It reminds me of Chuy! Being so hot that you are swimming in your sweat and then the next day swimming in the streets in the rain. Good thing I got my Ecco Boots! Anyway, I will try to keep this email short so I will be able to send you guys pictures.

Recently I have been studying a lot about revelation. It is interesting how big of a role that revelation plays in our lives. Joseph Smith says that without revelation we cannot reach salvation. He also said that if we have the spirit then we will receive revelation. The only way to have the spirit with us is through keeping our covenants. In the sacrament prayer it says, "so that they may always have his spirit to be with them" If we want to receive salvation then we must receive revelation. To receive revelation we need to have the spirit and to have the spirit we need to keep our covenants. I love what Elder Eyring says in the talk that you sent me. “The words ‘Thy will be done’ written on our hearts are the window to revelation.” 

I am so grateful for our loving heavenly Father who loves us so much that he is willing to give us revelation everyday so help us along the path. The mission is the best!


Elder Lacey

Dear Dad,

Here on the mission I have learned a ton about promises. the scriptures are filled with promises! And sí o sí they will be fulfilled if we do our part. I was studying about humility the other day and there were blessings that I found that I never even thought of. I can't remember all of them right now but maybe later I will send it to you. 

So, are you going to go be the next coach of BYU? That would be sweet! haha resurrect the old play book! 

It will be interesting what happens with BYU in the future. Quick questions. what has been happening with the Power 5? and What are they going to do about paying players? does everyone get paid?

Anyway, I am doing well. thank you for your support. I have the best dad in the World!


Elder Lacey

PS I can't get any pictures to send :( 

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