Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We Choose!

January 13, 2014


Sorry, sometimes I feel like I am in Hawaii. Uruguay is actually a pretty nice place!

Anyway, I am glad to hear that everything is going well up in the USA. Sounds like you are going to have some really nice classes this semester Mom. It also sounds like you guys had a good little fiesta the other day. Tell Ali Happy Birthday for me! 

The work is going really well here though. Andrea didn't get baptized last week but she is going to get baptized sí o sí this Sunday so we are excited. Elder Rae is amazing me! He is learning so quickly. He helps me out a lot with all of my district leader responsibilities and we get along really well. I am so blessed to have such good companions.

So this last week I spent about 14 hours on a bus in a span of 48 hours. We had zone conference so we went down to 33 (The name of the city is Treinta y Tres) and then the next day we came back. As soon as we got back to Chuy the AP's called me and told me that I had to come down to Montevideo with one of the Elders in my District as soon as possible. So this other Elder and I hopped on a bus to Montevideo and got there at midnight. This other Elder has been going through some problems and so he almost got sent home but we were able to work some things out and so we hopped back on the bus back to Chuy the next day. Haha! Que Viaje! My tailbone is still sore to this day from sitting so long on the bus. But in the past few days I have really been able to help this Elder out. He has been feeling really depressed lately but I have been talking to him a lot and I think that things are going to turn around.

One thing that I have learned during all of this is that we as children of God can CHANGE! Every single characteristic that we have we can change and ultimately that is why we are on this earth. To change, to become more like God everyday. i want to talk more about this but I am completely out of time :(   I had a lot of buddies like Kendall that I had to talk to Sorry! But I am so excited to be out here to help other people to change their lives.

Tell Dad that I am sorry that I didn't get to him. I really liked his email and I will get to it later. Sorry! I love all of you so much! 

We Choose! (remember Sarah’s coach)


Elder Lacey

PS I love my family!

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