Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We Can Have the Spirit with us Always!

October 28, 2013

Dear Fam,

That was one of the best e-mails that I have ever received! FHS shut out Aztec! haha hehe! Send all the players a basket of chocolate for me or something. I have been waiting for this day for half of my life. I am so pumped for all of my boys. I bet Coach Bradley was really happy too. Send my congratulations to all of them. And BYU beat Boise State! That is a big win.

I am also really happy for Sam and Annie! I will have to send a letter to them.

But the weather down here is pretty weird. It will get really hot and then 5 minutes later the wind will pick up and it will be cold. It is hard to know what to bring with you for the day. But I love that there is a lot more sun! It makes it a lot easier to contact people in the street at night.

San Carlos is awesome though. We have been getting a ton of food lately! We still have left overs in our fridge! That never happens. haha The members are really excited to work with us and we actually just found out that we are getting a Ward Mission Leader! He is a really good guy and he is ready to work with us to help build this ward. I can't believe that changes are in one week though! Hopefully I get to stay here longer because we are starting to get things rollin here.

It sounds like Luke is doing really well in everything. That is really good to hear. I hope everyone else is doing well too. What is this that I hear about Doug going to China to teach English? that is sweet. Wish him luck!

Ask Mikey if he drank a lot of Guarana in Brazil. That stuff is dang good! I drink a ton of it haha We also ate fish wada (i have no idea how to spell it but that is how it sounds) and they said its a meal from Brazil. It was beans and rice with meat but it had some Flava!

I am so glad to be out here on the mission. Sometimes it is really hard but it is so satisfying to help these people come closer to God. As missionaries, it is so easy to see the hand of God in every little thing. I am so glad that I can be out here and feel the spirit so strongly. One thing that I have learned out here on the mission is that we can literally have the spirit with us at all times! I heard that a million times before the mission but it never really sunk in. We can always have the companionship of the Holy Ghost as long as we are following EVERY commandment that God has given us. I am just grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve these people.

Send my love to everybody! I hope everything is going well with school and everything.


Elder Lacey

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