Tuesday, October 22, 2013

God Answers Prayers!!

October 21, 2013

Dear Family,

I don't understand! I have already been in San Carlos for a month. Time flies when you are doin work!

San Carlos feels like home now. Elder Ve'e and I are getting the members really excited about the missionary work, so the members are helping us a ton. The first week that Elder V'e and I were together we had only 3 of all of our lessons with a member present. This past week we had 12 members in on discussions with our investigators! I really think that this ward is going to experience a huge growth in membership in the coming year. Right now we are usually around 57 people in church. But we have been working with a lot of less active members that are going to start coming back to church. And then we have some really promising investigators that we are really excited about.

We found the familia Alvarez about a week ago. The parents are members but they quit coming to church like 15 years ago and they have only lived here in San Carlos for 2 years so nobody knows them here. But they have 3 daughters who are 15, 10 and 5. The 2 older daughters came to church yesterday and they really loved it! We had a charla with the whole family last night and it seems like the whole family is excited to come to church. The Mom really wants to start coming back to church and the Dad really wants to study more before he comes back but he is really sincere and he will end up coming back for sure. But their family is awesome.

We witnessed a miracle yesterday. We have not been able to have contact with Eduardo since Wednesday. We have gone by his house and called him but we could never find him. Anyway, he has only come to church once and it was when we had General Conference and so it was later in the afternoon. He has a sleeping problem so he loves to sleep in until 2 on Sundays. Basically we thought he wasn't coming to church for sure because he won't even commit to coming anymore. Elder Ve'e and I were sitting there in Sacrament meeting and boom goes the dynamite! Eduardo came strolling in! I was in shock for a little bit. I was so happy that he finally came! But that’s not all of it. We went and talked to him afterwards and he said that something touched his heart this morning telling him that he should go to church so he came. That was so powerful to me because on Saturday night I prayed specifically that Eduardo would feel something that would help him come to church. Elder Ve'e said that he had also prayed for the same thing. So basically.... God answers prayers! When Elder Ve'e and I got home we knelt down and thanked God for everything that is happening in this area. We are so pumped to be working with all of these people here! 

So I got a letter from Ali and Amy and Grandpa Steinagel! Thank them for sending those.  I think my district leader has 2 more letters for me but I haven't been able to get them :(  I will be able to read them next Monday. But thanks for sending me packages. I am excited for Christmas already! haha 

Ya LUKE! I'm glad you are learning to play defense unlike me. I was never very good at defense. Keep up the good work!

Elder Ve'e and I got the chance to teach the lesson yesterday in church about the Obra Misional out of the Lorenzo Snow book. We ended up only having 10 minutes to teach but it went really well and I think the members are more excited to work with us now. But I do love that quote from that book.... It's better in English haha

Goodluck with school and everything. Don't worry about me, I am having a blast! ¡Saludos a todos!


Elder Lacey

Dear Dad,

Even without a Ward Mission Leader we are still getting a lot done here with the members. The members are really steppin up big for us.
I am really glad that BYU didn't lose again. They need to pick up their game. Sounds like they are missing a QB who is listed as a running back who plays wide reciever! haha
Tell Brian Farley to do everything that is in his power to take down those Tigers!
But I have to go. I love you Dad! I am so thankful that I have 2 parents that are always there to guide me and help me! You guys have always been there for me.
Elder Lacey

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