Monday, August 18, 2014

More Jovenes Baptisms

Santiago's Baptism

August 18, 2014

Dear Family,

Yesterday Santiago got baptized! He is 12 years old and his mother is less active. He has a bunch of family that lives in another ward that are active and he has gone to church many times but he never got baptized. He is super awesome. His Dad isn't a member and he came to the baptism. His uncle was the one who baptized him. It was a really good experience. Elder Contreras and I sang a version of "Come thou fount" one verse in english and one verse in spanish. It was a really good experience.

Today we had another zone activity. Our zone is legit! We played handball and ate a lot of food and played some ping pong. Our church here is massive! 

The Pictures of Luke are awesome! He is massive out there! Good work Luke! That is also really exciting that he is going to a charter school. I am really excited for him.

It is interesting that Dad won't be working with the jovenes (young men) as much because we barely decided that we are going to work with the jovenes in our ward more. Our ward has a bunch of old people and it used to have a lot of jovenes but they all stopped coming. We can notice that it has a huge effect on the ward. The jovenes give so much more energy to a ward! My comp is the 1st councilor in the Young Mens and the Young Men’s president is a recent convert so we have talked with him and we are going to rescue all of the young men! I got really excited when we were making plans together. it reminded me of all the meetings that I used to go to back in Farmington. We would go over to the Farley’s house once a month, eat a bunch of ice cream and then plan for mutual and stuff like that. Hopefully we can get the young men going here in Melo like we did in 33. 

Oh! I got a package from the Farleys! They are the best. I'm livin’ the life right now with some peanut butter and beef jerky and candy....I'm happy!

I can't believe that next week we will be writing you guys on Tuesday again because its changes! I feel like I barely got here. Elder Contreras and I are still fighting the battle. We have so many people that are right there! They all have problems to overcome but they are all so close! We will see what happens this week.

I love you guys!

Dear Dad,

I don`t know why it is so hard for some people to pronounce Lacey. It is fine when they say lasy but some don't even get that far haha! But there are a few people that know enough english to call me out on my last name. It is always a good time ha....ha...ha :)

That is so sweet that you are a high councilor! You will be able to do some amazing things. Are you building that house just to sell it? Or is it going to be my house for when I when I go to college? Haha jk 

Learning by faith is something new that I have learned very recently and I love it. We have to put forth our effort in order to really learn through the spirit. 

How did Luke do in his football game? Turn him into a beast out there.

I love you Dad!

Elder Lacey 

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