Tuesday, July 15, 2014


July 15, 2014

Dear Family,

We got changes last night! I am leaving my hometown of 33 and going to my new hometown in Melo...... Pres. Cook has named it the "Mas allá" zone because it is the furthest away from Montevideo haha! I was really sad when I got the changes. 33 has been the best and I have met so many good people here. The funny thing is that every change has been like that for me so far so I know that I am going to love Melo too. It is crazy to think that I have been in the zone of 33 for 6 changes which is 9 months. I will miss it but I know that Melo is where I am supposed to go. Today is going to be a really sad day saying goodbye to everyone here. Especially my second family, Juan, Lucas, Antonella and all of their family.They are the best! But I have definitely felt a confirmation that Melo is the place that I need to go. It is funny because last change I said that the only place that I didn't want to go was Melo haha! It was because the zone of melo was doing super awesome work and whoever goes there has a lot of upkeep and a lot of work to do. But that is what a mission is for right! LETS GET TO WORK! I am really pumped to do some good things over there.

Elder Bastidas and I have gotten along really well too. My new comp. is Elder Contreres and he is from Chile. He sounds like a really good guy. 

That is so awesome that you all got to see la familia Diaz.........Oh my Gosh! I just realized that my second family is the familia Diaz too! haha What a coincidence! We are really close with that family and I know that the rest of them will get baptized someday. The mom loves us so much because she realized how big of a change this gospel has made in her daughter and grandchildren. The dad actually opened up to us and talks and laughs with us. Before he would't even let us into his house. The sisters are open to everything but they work a ton. we recently were able to watch the restoracion with the mom of Juan and Lucas and she liked it a lot. Plus they give us really good food! I love this family!!! 

In the states they call them transfers. Here they call them cambios which means changes. I love changes so much because it really is a time to make "changes" in your life. When I get to Melo I am going to go do everything I can to find another family to teach because families are the best. My family is the best. I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve Gods children here in Uruguay. There is nothing that I would rather be doing. There is nothing more satisfying than helping people save their lives. Anyone can change, even Dad´s ancestor "poochy Mike" (or whatever they called him) haha! But it is so true. 

I love you all so much!

Elder Lacey

Don't mess with Poly's.

Man! I didn't know Sean and Tyler are both AP's! That is so legit! It is a ton of work but it I bet it is really cool being so close to the mission president and being a part of so many spiritual decisions. I don't think I put it in my other letter but I will still be a zone leader over in Melo. So I will still be doing real man's work in the field instead of sitting in the offices with Pres ;) chiste (that means just kidding)

That is an interesting thought about Nephi talking about his father dwelling in a tent so much. The mission really is a humbling experience and you get to learn a lot about the law of consecration. We are all treated equally. It does not matter where you come from, how many people you baptize or what your position. We are all called to go to work and that is what we are doing.

I love you dad!

Elder Lacey

PS make sure to toughen up that Priest Quorum. Don't be afraid to throw a few jabs in there haha!

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