Monday, August 26, 2013


August 19, 2013

Dear Family,

Wow! What a crazy week for you guys! I am so excited about Grandma and Grandpas mission call. All four of my Grandparents are always looking for oppurtunitys to serve. They are really good examples to all of us. But that is so weird that someone shot at the football team. That is really scary. I hope that they catch the guy who did it.

It is a sad day for Farmington. The Lacey's are finally leaving. I am sure that it was really hard to say goodbye to all of our really good friends that we have made there. There are some really good people that live there. I am really glad that they have such a good bishopric coming in though. Farmington will be in good hands. I hope everything goes well up in Alpine and that you all will find a ton of friends up there too.

So, German and Stephanie didn't get baptized this week. He recently got a better job but the problem is that he is always dead tired because he works so much. So it has been hard to find a time to meet with him. We are pretty sure they will get baptized this week though. Recently we have found some really good new investigators though so hopefully we can help some more people obtain happiness. 

This past week we had cambios! Elder Ve'e and Elder Pyper left which was sad but we got Elder Ha from Korea and a new Oro from Peru. His name is Elder Huara or something like that. I can't remember how to spell it. But they are both really cool guys. Right now I am writing you guys from the offices! We are in the same zone as them so this morning we woke up at 4 so that we could come and play basketball against the APs and the secretarys. We are pretty good friends with them so we get the hookups haha!

But I got the Beef Jerky! Thank you so much. I also got a letter from Grandpa Jack and a letter From Olivia and Ali. Thank them for sending those to me. Letters always give me a smile! Give hugs to all the little nieces and nephews for me. I miss them all a ton! 

I can't believe that I am already done with my first change. Time is flying by. This change me and Elder Walker are going to really hit Spanish hard this change. I know enough that I can teach all the lessons and stuff like that but it is hard because I can't really express myself fully. In English I feel like I can get people excited about things and motivate them to do stuff but its harder to do stuff like that in Spanish. 

I don't know if I can send you pictures today. I will try but for my camera I usually need a port that takes SD cards and this one doesn't have one :( I will go try though.

Send my love to everyone. I wish you the best with everything. I wish I was there to help you guys move! 


Elder Lacey 

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