Monday, July 29, 2013

The Lord is blessing us with endurance and strength

Dear Fam!

What a crazy week! One week worth of events here is like a month worth back home. (Hopefully that makes sense, sometimes I forget how to speak English) But everything sounds like it is going really well back home! I love that you are feeding the missionaries! I gain so much love for the people that feed us here. I am also really glad that you guys are looking for missionary work. Missionary work is the BEST! Never be scared to share the gospel. If you ever have a thought to share it with someone, then do it and God will bless you for always trying to do his will.

It is so cool to hear about other people's mission calls. Tell them that the mission is the best! 

I'm glad Luke is getting pumped up! I must be feeling his energy because I am getting pretty conditioned here in Uruguay. On Saturday we helped a member build his roof so we had to make concrete and take it up to the roof and so I was shoveling for an hour and a half with out stopping! I really feel like the Lord has been blessing me with stamina because I have never worked so hard in my life without stopping. We built that thing very quickly and the members really appreciated our help. We also got some references out of it so hopefully we will get some baptisms out of that. And there have been a few times where Elder Walker and I have to run home because we get out of a charla a little late but we always make it home on time even though we have to run close to a mile. I seriously feel like the Lord has been blessing us with a lot of endurance and strength.

So anyways, keep up the good work Luke, but remember, If you want power from the Lord you need to obey all of his words. That is really cool that you guys have been studying obedience!

So here is an interesting and funny story for you. Last Tuesday Elder Walker and I had to go to the mission home for the Oro conference (The new missionaries). So we had to wake up at 5:15 and take a bus there. So we got on this really crowded bus and I eventually got a seat next to this bigger guy. It was pretty uncomfortable and I was kind of leaning into the walkway but I fell asleep. Every once in awhile someone would bump me and I would wake up a bit but then I would go back to sleep. One time I woke up and there were only 2 other people on the bus. I was kind of confused why we weren't there yet. I thought Elder Walker was right behind me. After a minute I realized that he wasn't on the bus at all and we weren't anywhere near the mission home! So I asked the guy next to me if he knew where the temple was. He told me to ask the bus driver, the bus driver didn't know. So I got off in the middle of Montevideo! I walked a little to where I thought a busy street was and it turned out to be in the Plaza de Independenc√≠a or something like that. I got a taxi and told him to take me to the Temple in Carrassco and he took me there. I tried to teach him the gospel but he didn't want it.  Anyway, it cost me 300 pesos ($15) but I made it back. Elder Walker was out with another Elder driving around all of Montevideo searching for me frantically! He felt so bad! It turns out that he shook me and woken me up and then walked off the bus and then turned around and I wasn't there! I remember being woken up but I looked up and I thought this women had just bumped me so I went back to sleep. 

I have another story but I might not have time to write it! I have to write the President. Maybe I will write it after that. But it is basically about good, better, best and how the Lord blesses us when we choose the best!

I love you guys! Give Besos to everybody for me! 


That is such an awesome story. (Daniel is talking about the story Dad told him about the tree branch almost falling on him) I truly believe that when we are close to God we can have such awesome experiences with the spirit. It is crazy to think about how much God loves us. I am also glad to hear about your portfolio. Yet another blessing from God for your service.

I love receiving your emails so keep it up! I love you so much! I am so blessed to have a Dad that is so hard working and so close to the Spirit. You and Mom have taught me so many things that help me so much out here.


Elder Lacey

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