Monday, June 24, 2013

Fourth Letter

Dear Family,

Two more weeks left in the CCM! It is crazy how fast it goes by! I have already been out for a month. That means that I am 1/24 of the way down. It sounds like a lot of things are happening up in the States though. I got your letter and Luke’s first letter last week and that is all that I had received. But today I got like 10 letters! I haven't had time to read them all yet though. I am going to write you guys a letter today though so I'll be able to respond to them. LUKE, we don't have sushi down here. Its very sad! :(

That is so cool that Luke is going to football camp and enjoying it! That is to bad about Jacob. I hope everything is alright with his shoulder.

I heard we are getting a new President! He sounds like a great man! And yes, we do get to watch the World Wide Leadership broadcast. Everyone here is flippin’ out about it because it is supposed to be some big announcement but I guess we will see what it is.

I can't believe Braquel is going to the Philippines! Tell her congratulations from me! That is going to be such a great experience. I'm glad to hear everyone there is doing well! Give everyone a hug from me at the family reunion.

This week was a pretty regular week. We went proselyting again in the same area but we got humbled this time. It was a colder day so all of the nice grandparents were inside (It is funny that I use the word cold because I was wearing a short sleeve shirt while all the Argentinians looked like eskimos) So basically we didn't have much success. We went and talked to this group of 6 guys that were just chillin’ on the street corner smoking and drinking. I was being really friendly and laughing with them but basically they called me "feo" which means ugly haha! It gets me pumped when people reject us like that because it gives us a chance to show them how nice we are. I shared a little message with them but they weren't too interested. My favorite is when you knock on a door and they yell "QUIEN ES" and we say Somos misieneros de la Iglesia d... "Go away!" Haha!

So Hermana Bell is in my District and she is the one that knows the Jenk’s family! Anyway she had to get her appendix removed this week! So that was pretty crazy. Also Elder Jessop dove into a pole during Actividad Fisica. He popped right up but he had the biggest knot I have ever seen on his head. I was close to him so I went and grabbed him. He blacked out so I was just holding him in my arms and I was trying to keep him awake. He had the knot the size of a baseball... I am not kidding. It looked like his head was going to explode. The Lord definitely blessed him because the next day he wanted to play basketball! We didn't let him but after 3 days he has made a complete recovery. I was honestly scared for his life when I saw the knot on his head.

We are getting a new shipment of Missionaries today, 0 North Americans and 50 Latinos. So E. Hobbs and E. Klauck have to move out of our room. Its sad because me and Elder Henrie are way close with them. We are definitely going to learn Spanish 10 times faster though!

Everything is going well though! I love and miss all of you. Keep me posted on everything that is happening up there.


Elder Lacey


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