Thursday, June 13, 2013

Third Letter

Dear Family,

That is so great to hear about everything that is happening! Missionary work is the best! I am so glad that you were able to have such a great missionary experience. I will pray that everything will go well with the family you are teaching. It gets me pumped up to hear about missionaries doing work! Also, thanks for sharing all of these scriptures with me. I have a pretty good system now with my scriptures. I have that little book all tabbed out now and so whenever I find a good scripture I write it in that book so that I can remember it and then I put a little note next to it about my impressions I had when I read it. So keep the scriptures coming! 

That is really cool that Perry used something from my letter in his Mission Prep class! I wish I could be back there so that I could teach the guys that are about to go on missions. I have learned so much in these past 3 weeks about what a missionary actually is and how to teach.

Buy Mikey and Dad something nice for me! Tell them happy Fathers day (and Happy B-day to Mikey). 

Anyway, there are some beautiful sunrises that I get to see everyday from outside of our classroom window. It rises over the Temple so its pretty sweet. I'll try to get a picture of it for you one of these days. Also, the other day it was really foggy. I'm not talking about New Mexico fog, I'm talking about some of this South American fog. I could barely see the temple and it is like 30 yards away!

Last Saturday we finally got to proselyte!!! It was so much fun! I can't wait until this Saturday so that we can do it again. So my companion and I got on a bus with like 6 other companionships and they drove us to a part of town an hour away and dropped each of us off at different locations. So here my 6'5 companion Elder Henrie and I are standing in the middle of Buenos Aires all alone and we can barely speak Spanish. They did drop us off in a nicer area of town though. You could tell that it was nice because there was only graffiti on 50% of the walls instead of 100%. I am grateful for the USA. The roads have these massive holes right in the middle of them so busses swerve into oncoming traffic all the time to dodge them. I am amazed that I haven't seen 20 crashes already. But anyway, it was a little scary at first. We didn't really know what to say, but after we talked to a few people I figured it out a little bit. We got to talk to a lot of old people and for the most part they were all really nice. We always asked if we could help them with whatever they were doing at the time but they always said no. But we ended up talking to them all and shared brief messages with them. We placed 2 copies of the Book of Mormon and we would have placed more but they only gave us 2! The best experience we had was we were walking down the sidewalk and we saw this guy buy a huge thing of beer and sit down with his friend on the curb. His friend saw us and got really excited. He waved us over to talk with them so we did. He started to talk to us really fast in Spanish but I caught most of what he was saying. To make a long story short it turns out that this guy was an inactive member but his friend and never heard of the Church. They both believed that religion was inside of you but they love God very much. We talked with them for awhile right there in the street and we shared a message with them but they wanted to talk more! We asked them if we could get their address and they decided that they would just show us where they lived. So we walked to one of the guys house and went inside. It was basically a garage with a bed in it. There were piles of dirt everywhere! We ended up talking with these guys for an hour which is probably to long but it was worth it. We were able to give them a Book of Mormon and we told them that some other missionaries would come by to teach them. Before we left we prayed with them and they wanted to hold hands so we did. I offered the prayer in Spanish and while I was praying they threw in some words of praise so that was interesting. After I was finished praying they each wanted to pray. By the end they were both crying. It was a really cool moment. Hopefully the other missionaries will be able to teach them soon. They wanted the missionaries to come over the very next day!

This experience really motivated me because now I know what I need to learn. I wanted to be able to teach them more but I need to learn more Spanish first. After we taught them we were able to teach a few more people. I don't have time to tell about everything that happened but basically all that you need to know is that America is awesome, the gospel is true, and... if I don't get mauled by a pack of dogs before I am done I will be surprised. DOGS EVERYWHERE. And not the nice ones either. I walked right by this dog that was laying down that I didn't see and it tried to bite my ankle off. For some reason I didn't even flinch though. I just said "Hola Perro" looking back I should have jumped out of the way! haha but it didn't get me so we're good.

Oh, one other thing. Jalfajores are the best thing ever! They are South American candy bars that are usually filled with Dulce de Leche so basically.... I'm going to get fat :)

I am sorry that I can't get to the other things that happened this week! There have been some good experience. Yesterday President Espalda (I don't know how to spell his name) gave a talk to us. He is an an area 70. But it was so great! I felt the spirit really strong. I just want to get out there and teach some people the gospel!

Anyway I love you guys so much! Tell everyone that I love them! Give Natalie a hug for me. She is so cute! That is nice of her to save up her money for me.

Lots of Love!

Elder Lacey

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  1. Those candy bars sound delicious! Bring one back for me. I love to see that missionary fervor to share the Gospel!